We’re back! Today we’re logging back into our realm of arts with a new project from SoySauceRecords artist and VA’s very own Zae Kinchen, and his newest project “TheseThingsHappen.” Zae’s emergence back into the scene is that of a very rare appearance; since the release of a compilation project “An Essential Playlist” and his most recent single “PU$$YGALORE” Zae has shown himself to be a very vague, yet satisfying artist as he’s proven his rap skills a plethora of times with different flows and beats selection as time passed. With this new release, Zae shows what’s he’s learned and how he’s evolved over time with this new mindset.

“Inspired by the mindset of making it out of his native city, Zae Kinchen captures the thought process of an artist trying to expand his reach and influence through his opus. Embracing and conveying the artist and person that he has become, Kinchen channels his energy into a solid manifestation of his efforts to create something that embodies the Virginia vibe with respects to her unique energy. Coupled with the collaboration of 75% native Virginian producers, this project is distinctive to VA but expands far beyond through its universality.”

With production from Swellthy, Koji, Wise Inquisition, Tokyo.Flow and Idntrmmbr, Zae brings all of his lessons together and sits in front of the fire that is Soundcloud, and relays us his collection of stories. For more news on music and visuals from Zae you can follow him on his Soundcloud page and Twitter page. Be sure to keep up with SoySauceRecords for more news and updates on full team activities. We hope you enjoy!