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I remember in the beginning of 2016 I was scrolling through the explore page on Instagram bored out of my fucking mind thinking “Why do I even have this app?”. Until I stumbled across Zach Wendt‘s profile one day and I was blown away. At first i thought maybe he was just another photographer on Instagram, until I looked closely to realize that I was indeed tricked.


"Holding on" Digital Pencil 9.21.16

“Holding on”
Digital Pencil



Look at the image (left) closely. Yes this is a drawing. I recalled viewing this drawing for a good 5 minutes until I noticed the backdrop and that’s when I was certain that this was a drawing. Once you leer it meticulously, you can detect how every single brush stroke has its purpose. And this was when I knew this guy was going places in the near future. Once I had the opportunity to interview any “upcoming talent”, I dropped everything and immediately reached out to him hoping he would agree to it and he did.




How old were you when you were first introduced to the arts?

“Ive been drawing/doodling my whole life but I didn’t really start taking it seriously until my junior year of high school (I’m a freshman in college at the moment). My art teacher introduced me to the endless possibilities of a job in the arts so i decided to dedicate all my time to my work.”

Any inspirations? Favorite artists?

“The one fashion illustrator I really look up to is Clement Louis. Not many other artists really inspire me for where I’m currently at in my creative process. “Red Roses Knight” by Clement Louis (below) would have to be my favorite of his. I really love the exaggerated figures that are often seen in his fashion, as well as fashion illustrations. Much of the exaggerated proportions that are in Vetements work really influences me and that’s part of the reason I draw their work so much.”

"Red Roses Knight" Clement Louis

“Red Roses Knight” Clement Louis

What’s the process to you drawing?

“I generally start with a loose, orange line drawing and build my values on top of the digital pieces. And for my charcoal drawings I start lightly and gradually build on top of them. Great example would be this.”

Favorite and/or preferred mediums?

“When I first started out, I was drawn to inking but didn’t have a work space at home so I tried out a digital medium and enjoyed it very much. I received a Wacom tablet for my 17th birthday and used that for about a year until I upgraded to a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. The Intuos Pro has many more sensors on it than my first, allowing me to create more realistic and tangible looking works. Most of my work is done using that or charcoal/graphite.”

"Vetements f/w '16" Digital Pencil 9.7.16

“Vetements f/w ’16”
Digital Pencil

Strengths and weaknesses?

“I generally don’t have too much trouble creating. It’s generally when I want to do a looser feeling piece that I have trouble. I’ll over work the piece until it’s fully rendered and not loose, as I would’ve planned.”

What do you do whenever you’re not creating?

“Well my current situation is that I’m attending The College for Creative Studies in Detroit with a Merit Scholarship. So I’m essentially never not creating. It can be stressful though. There isn’t much time for sleep, only work. But when I do have free time I skateboard or watch movies. I’ll always find inspiration in day to day life though, so it’s rare for me to not have several ideas floating around in my head.”

What are your goals by the time you graduate?

“I’m going for Illustration major, however, I’d like to minor in Fashion/Accessory Design. I don’t have too many plans as of right now but I’d like to try and work with larger names in the industry and get myself more out there in the public eye. I’d really love to work with Demna Gvasalia and Vetements, or Shane Gonzales and Midnight Studios. Those are two of my bigger influences.”

Any words of advice to any artist out there?

“I would just say dedicate as much time to your craft as possible. Practice is key when it comes to growing as an artist. I’d also recommend taking figure drawing/anatomy classes to learn what makes up the human form.”

Anything for the fans and future prints?

“I guess I’d like to say thanks for the love and support, seeing people enjoy my work really pushes me to better the quality. And yeah I’ve done prints in the past, if people are interested they can contact me through Instagram or Twitter.”

There you have it, Michigans finest. You guys were probably wanting to see more of his work so I apologize for the delay. Lets take a look at the evolution of his work. Expect to hear from him again in the upcoming years.


"We're Just a Minor Threat" Ink on Paper 4.19.16

“We’re Just a Minor Threat”
Ink on Paper

"Scape" Digital Mixed Media 5.31.16

Digital Mixed Media

"Glory" Digital Pencil 5.31.16

Digital Pencil











"Days Before Rodeo" Digital Pencil 7.10.16

“Days Before Rodeo”
Digital Pencil

"Deaf and Dumb and Done" Digital Pencil 7.26.16

“Deaf and Dumb and Done”
Digital Pencil











"Beauty Refresher Course" Digital Pencil 8.16.16

“Beauty Refresher Course”
Digital Pencil

"Florescent Angel" Digital Pencil 8.21.16

“Florescent Angel”
Digital Pencil










"Off White f/w '16" Digital Pencil 8.28.16

“Off White f/w ’16”
Digital Pencil

"Unflattening Inspired" Ink and Prismacolor Pencil on Toned Paper 9.27.16

“Unflattening Inspired”
Ink and Prismacolor Pencil on Toned Paper











"Planar Head Study" Prisma Color Pencil on 19x26 Paper 10.11.16

“Planar Head Study”
Prismacolor Pencil on 19×26 Paper

"Andy Warhol's Gunshot Wound" Digital Pencil 10.25.16

“Andy Warhol’s Gunshot Wound”
Digital Pencil