Welcome back! Today, September 8th we’re gonna be doing a lot of celebrating. What are we celebrating you ask? Today is the birthday of a long time friend of Senclaire and one very talented artist, Xavier Clark! We’ve been following Xavier for quite some time watching him progress and evolve with his taste in sound, different styles of flows, and his exquisite song building artistry. As we wish Xavier a happy birthday, we’re also celebrating his return to the music scene with his newest EP “23.”

Xavier has shown us that there’s no stop nor estimate of what he can. Like usual he builds the story for you, incorporates his characters, develops conflict, inserts familiar cameos from other artists, and concludes everything off leaving the listener in a loop like trance playing the project over and over. This edition of Xavier’s story includes features from Will C, Mathaius Young, & Scotty Apex as well as production from Will C, M-Piece, & Hype Alexander. Xavier has proven to progress with every project, “23” is just a reminder.

You can stream “23” above as well as on Xavier’s Soundcloud page. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for more news and updates on music. We hope you enjoy!