With feminism’s supporters growing & becoming much more vocal via social media, comes newfound ways to fight society’s standard & what a woman is supposed to look like (body and looks wise). One popular (and controversial) way of fighting these standards is by posting a picture of your body in whichever form you’d like and having #bodyposi as the caption in the photo. Mainly known by her Twitter name Wolf (@bbywolf666), but personally known as Alikaya—pioneering this movement, she posted a topless selfie on Twitter (that gained massive positive & negative attention), revealing not only her bare breasts, but also the commonly forgotten notion that the body is beautiful & that there is nothing wrong with treasuring it or showing it off. & though it may seem like a lot to uncover your body,  there’s a much deeper significance in exposing it & also encouraging others to appreciate their temple & think positively about it instead of fixating on what’s “wrong.”


Alikaya was born in Orange County but ended up moving to Las Vegas not long after she was born; she is an 18 year old girl with physical insecurities (just like the rest of us); We’re either too skinny, too big, too tall, too short, or have acne—the list can go on. Nowadays, for women, if you don’t have a fat ass and a skinny waist you won’t get looked at; otherwise you better have a pretty face to make up for lacking those qualities. Women are naturally born into a society where we have to be pleasing and appeasing in a “man’s” world. However, the tables beginning to turn & women, like Alikaya, are looking past those standards and teaching fellow women to love themselves for who they are while learning how to do so themselves. Inspired by the movement, I reached out to Alikaya & had her answer a few questions to get a better understanding of body positivity & what made her feel comfortable enough to show her body—check it out below.


So, we can start off with you telling us a little about yourself. I’m 18, I was born in Orange County and moved to Vegas when I was a baby. My parents divorced when I was around 5-6. I have an 11 year old sister. I just graduated high school last month.

How would you describe body positivity? What is your definition of  being “body positive”? Being body positive to me means loving yourself fully. Not caring about your imperfections but being happy with who you are.

What made you want to post those pictures and start the #bodyposi movement?’ I was really insecure with my body for the longest time. And I know my body isn’t perfect in any way at all. So by posting those pictures I wanted to show people that bodies come in different shapes and sizes and that they should feel comfortable and confident in them.

Would you say that by posting these pictures it has made you feel more confident? Way more confident. I stopped caring about a lot so it has made things a lot easier for me, and all those DMs from girls telling me how I inspired them and helped them with their confidence helped me a lot too.

Obviously with any movement, especially one like this it comes with a lot of hate. How do you respond to those type of comments? I read them all. But they don’t bother me. I feel like the people hating on me are just insecure about themselves.

You said you have a younger sister, I have one as well and I know I would never want her to feel insecure or feel like being who she is just isn’t enough, as her older sister how would you teach her to be more confident with herself and learn to love herself? Just letting her know that being someone she isn’t shouldn’t be her goal. The person she is makes her unique and there is no one else in the world like her. Embracing herself, complimenting herself every morning, simple things like that.

A lot of people feel that some, not all, but some girls post pictures of their bodies on Twitter for attention. How do you feel about that? I know for a fact some girls do that. But I’m not going to judge. Attention may be the only way they feel confident for a little, I won’t hate on them because that’s what they want to do. They’re free.

What other ways do you think women can empower themselves and feel more confident? Just complimenting each other is something simple that can be done more often. Even making associations or clubs bringing women closer together.

If you’re comfortable with sharing with us, in what ways were you insecure? Because you are very beautiful. Thank you 🙂 I always felt like my body wasn’t proportioned right, I have a small butt, and larger boobs. Larger than the rest of my friends so there wasn’t a day that went by that they didn’t go unnoticed. I tried hiding them but couldn’t.

And you shouldn’t have to hide them either, I guess hence that’s the reason or one reason why you posted them up. Do you hope to take your body positivity movement further than just social media? Yes! But I don’t know where to start. I feel like there’s so many more people I haven’t reached yet and I need them to be aware.

I think you have reached a ton of people through just Twitter alone, I know whatever it is that you choose to do you’re going to have a ton of supporters with that as well. Best of luck to you. Thank you.

Artists have also been inspired by Alikaya, There’s plenty of fan-made illustrations on her twitter—here’s a few of our favorites. (Including this articles cover photo by @DeadMonBernz.)