“This is the first official single from Wiley Coyote’s upcoming Sophomore album “97 Knights”. Hope you feel waves.

Produced by @Telequanta

Listen on your preferred streaming service here: hyperurl.co/o0lfth” 

Despite July, the height of Summer coming to an end as quickly as it came, British talent Wiley Coyote presents us with a Summer Anthem in the form of “Aventura”.  It’s bouncy with a pop infused air as Wiley croons across the track early on as the electric production continues across the four minutes. He keeps great control as the song progresses into different moods and feelings of love, drugs, and capturing the romance involved with the Summer and by that measure his wordplay. He transitions into rapping to close the song out and he tells a story of youth and all that comes with relationships in this day and age. This single for his album “97 Knights” gets newcomers acquainted to his sound and pushes it forward for what’s to come.

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