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So yea, emotions are powerful. They’re even more powerful when you conceptualize them. WhatЯFeelings is the brainchild of Virginian designer Twizz & its birth, although tragic, is profound in its own right. The brand reminds us of our feelings & how severe our very own emotions can affect us. The dichotomy of euphoric happiness & dismal sadness—WhatЯFeelings portrays the latter. The brand in its entirety represents & supports the reality in sadness, not depression, but the validity in sadness. Even the logo is an exhibit, a sad heart balloon has unending metaphoric definitives. Twizz, as a designer, has an acute eye for the surrounding visual conceptions of WhatЯFeelings.

I usually ask artists what their passion is, what are you passionate about?I’m passionate about clothes, the way I dress most of the time describes my mood, when I walk down the street it shouldn’t be a guessing game when it comes to how I feel.

To whom do you attribute your inspiration? My sister for the most part, after her passing in 2010 I was literally emotionless… all feelings were drained, it’s like I was a walking vessel, lost practically. She was like a second mom to me, she always looked out for me, calling me “little bro”. I wear Bape shoes because of her, she put me on when I was a youngster haha.

Did that energy transfer into your work? How did it have an effect on your goals? Yeah that was the building blocks for it that lead up to WhatЯFeelings. Through these select clothes I’m releasing, it tells everyone a side of me that many don’t know. Everything I’m releasing now is all from my thoughts back in 2010.

It’s cool that WhatЯFeelings has such a deep story behind it. Is this your first crack at designing & owning a brand? Yeah & I know not many people know why WhatЯFeelings came about, it’s mostly thoughts in my head that remained there after my sister’s death. The logo is actually me believe it or not, it’s how I pictured myself in my head. The exact symbol.

Then, when does the next collection to roll out? Probably 2016 I can’t really say but I got some good stuff in store.

Who’s been supportive of the line so far? how do friends & family take it?My mom is the most supportive believe it or not she seen the vision way before I released it to the public.

Do you see yourself on that level? A huge roll in fashion? Like I said before I dress according to my mood, my switch up game through clothes is quite strange I’d say.

Do you have a favorite designer or brand? Been ape crazy since I was a youngin’, other then that no limits on what I throw on to wear.

What do you think makes a great designer/brand? What makes a good designer/brand is the image they portray to the viewers. I love it when I can sight the message that one is giving through clothes.

What’s the primary message portrayed by WhatЯFeelings? Don’t ever be afraid to step out your comfort zone, it’s life, do what makes you feel content.