Wes Blanco is a redefinition of the Houston artist. Grease Is The Word features production from Benjamin TrillMADVLYAN, Sammy Green & Francois Nigga. It’s a concise project but offers a lot in the way of the trap genre. Blanco’s off/on beat flow is a refreshing switchup among the now typical “migos flow” that has been adopted by so many. Each track can exist separately from the other but they all make one coherent body of work that begs appreciation, the flow of the tape is smooth. “Chop Sticks” & “Get Right” really run, Blanco went off!

“Houston artist, Wes Blanco redefines the Houston rap scene with his cinematic inspired project,  “Grease Is The Word”. The DJ Nick Marino (A$AP Ant’s DJ) hosted mixtape takes a modern direction of Houston and shows various sides of the city from Blanco’s versatile perspective. The gritty instrumentation laced with the off the wall flow that Blanco presents, just goes to show you how he will become a centerpiece of the new Texas sound. The 7-track project gives shine to budding producers and artists, but Blanco steals the show with his Southern charisma and direct delivery that will make you remember his name. The featured film is “Grease Is The Word” and the leading role is not a slick haired John Travolta, it’s a smooth cutthroat character from the Southwest of Houston named Wes Blanco.”