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Ghetto University is a concept that was inspired by the high energy, fast-paced, off-beat community that is Chicago, IL. Those that have learned from the Og.’s that came before them, absorbing that knowledge and applying it to their own hustle. This is the Ghetto University Capsule Collection, saluting those that continue to grind, paving the way for those that are up next. This is for you.

Enrollment has opened at the Ghetto University & for a Chicago native, you can’t find a better opportunity to grow with Og. Brand, a label designed to keep the positive energy in the city at the top, alive & well. Their Spring/Summer ’16 catalog is quite impressive. We had a small chat with designer Olivia Goodman, check it out below & take a tour of the University while you’re at it.

Who: Ghetto University was conceptualized by Kanye West, but reborn by Og. Brand’s founder and head designer Olivia Goodman.

What: The main goal of the collection was to celebrate Chicago’s hustle. There’s a ton of negativity surrounding the city right now and the greatness is being overshadowed. I have very close connections with those that have given this city life again and the culture of this place has begun to be noticed and adapted. Ghetto university is for those people who work their asses off every single day on things that they truly love and believe in.

When: Ghetto University has been established for forever. It’s just now becoming to be recognized.

Where: For me it started in Chicago. But it’s such a broad concept. It started in New York, in LA, in DC, Atlanta, Miami. Anywhere that there is a consistent hustle and a ton of bullshit to overcome.

Why: Ghetto University is significant because it means that there’s always hope. As long individuals are a part of a community that they can bounce ideas off each other and learn from one another it means that there will always be an organic and truthful outcome of anything: music, dance, fashion, etc.