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Fre$co Loverboy has an upbeat style that’s easy to vibe to. It’s not trapped out, it’s not super hip-hop head 90’s boom-bap. I think it’s a very modern sound with some cloud rap & underground influences. The music is very positive with messages aimed particularly at the young & free, kids. Tracks “PlayTime” & “Kids These Days” are melodic singsong anthems dedicated to youth. Leo Fre$co & KandonKyserBeats make up the project’s production & sound, an exceptional match to his style, seems they hit the nail on the head with the feel-good vibes, it’s nice to listen to either way. It’s refreshing at least that each song has it’s own story, not repetitive but keen on detail, that it has a different vibe, especially.

Features are limited, just CB$ Quez & Lil Duce. The intro, interlude & outro makes the project feel more congealed, solid. I especially like the intro & the song that comes after, “Lucy”. It was a nice touch & cool transition acid heads will appreciate. Oh and “Ride The Wave” so smoothly slides in next. Damn Kandon got the heat! I love that beat. At any rate, the Fre$co Wave is definitely a movement I support, positivity, free the youth, straight up. The tape is good to toss on for a day you spend riding around, running errands or when you might be in a funky mood. It’s good to listen to.