Orlando based rapper Vaughny Vo has been making a splash in the new wave of Hip-Hop
sound. Vaughny’s song Tropicana recently passed 300,000 listens on Soundcloud and is only continuing to climb. Watch the video for “Tropicana” below:

We at Senclaire got the chance to sit down with Vaughny for another Senclaire exclusive.


Who is Vaughny Vo?

My name is Vaughn Starling, I”m 18 from Orlando but right now i live in Boca Raton. I’ve been rapping for almost two years but been serious about it for about 7 months now.

Where is Boca Raton in Florida?

It’s in South Florida.

How’d you come up with your rap persona?

Actually during my freshman year a kid on my football team would call me Vaughny Vo and later when I started rapping I just chose it as my rap name.

Is Florida as crazy as social media makes it out to be?

Haha Florida is very different. No city is the same as the other. I think the heat makes people crazy to be honest.

Any influences?

I’m influenced by anyone droppin’ hot music with new sound. Lil Yachty. Jban$. K$upreme. Wintertime, Woody1k, Jay Storm, Ugly God. You get the point.

How does it make you feel that the internet genuinely fucks with your music? Most of your songs on Soundcloud have at least 10k plays.

Its pretty cool to be honest. I remember when all I wanted was to get a song with 5k and now I have songs with more so its tight. Its nothing close to where I’m tryna be though. I compare myself to the big artists because that’s where I’m tryna be so I wont be happy till my songs are at least in the 100ks haha.

Yeah I feel that, the new wave is nice.
Who is GB, the guy featured on Ecstasy?

GB!!! I linked with Gary when I first moved to Boca because we had mutual connects. The first day we linked we wrote and recorded ecstasy and later recorded a couple more slow tracks.

Shit is nice for real, I bumb it everyday.

Where do you see yourself in a year?


Vaughny and GaryBlessed (GB) performing

I see myself as the same person just with better music and more fans honestly. A year can change my circumstances but ill still be the same Vaughny Vo. Just leveled up.

Have you noticed any changes in how people treat you since you’ve started gaining attention?

For sure. Everyone went from hating on me to hoppin’ on my wave, but I let em surf it. People see me as a rapper now and a year ago they couldn’t really.

Who are your favorite artists in general right now?

Lil Yachty, Larry League, Wintertime, Burberry Perry, Woody1k, K$upreme, Digital Nas, Duwap Kaine, Lilcandypaint.

You produce your own stuff?

Yeah sometimes, whatever I produce it says on the track name.

When you’re making music what’s your process

My process, I just like to find a fire beat I can freestyle and flow to. Then I put actual words with it, and that’s really it.

I usually ask most people this but do you fw anime, if not what shows do you watch?

Nah haha. My roommates do. I watch Bobs Burgers and The Office. They’re funny as fuck.

Shit your roommates know what’s up, they gotta get you hip.


Who are the best rappers as of right now.

I mean. Id have to say Yachty is the hottest right now. I don’t really listen to Drake, Thug or Future or any of that to be honest.

Well who would you say is the best based of lyrics. I’d have to say Kendrick, Joey, Jay Electronica.

I used to listen to artists like Kendrick and Joey but nobody really wants to jam that as much now a days it seems like.

Y’all don’t jam TDE in Florida?

I jammed TDE freshman year.

I feel that, but the new wave just isn’t lyrical. I fuck with how it all sounds good but food for thought through lyrics is always nice.

Nah, you just not listening close enough or to the right people.

I listen to Yachty, he definitely has bars but they’re pretty simple on a lyrical level. Not downplaying him cause he goes hard but he couldn’t hang with K. Dot.


He”s not trying to, there’s no point. People wanna listen to music that makes them feel happy. So there is that aspect to it. Good lyrics with catchy flows and melodies are what people like.

True, the new age is definitely based on sound.
What do you think about old heads hating on new rappers like Pete Rock?

Oh I think those people are worried bout the wrong things haha.

Has there been any big rappers out of Florida besides FloRida cause I can’t think of any.

Wintertime, Drebo, Kodak Black, Blue November, Otown Marco, Woody1k. Vaughny Vo & Woody1k slide hardest. That’s my brother.

Wifisfuneral …lowkey.

Why lowkey?

Just because he’s not as big as the first 3 I named, but he has a presence.

Also what do you have planned in the future music wise?

Fire music planned for the future.