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Tonight we bring you a new premiere from Modern Life Magazine! Houston, Texas rap duo The Tribe recently released a new visual for their new song “Menace 2 Society.” After their recent release “Super Bag” The Tribe have continued to grow and build with relax legs on a comfy couch; what I’m trying to say is that The Tribe continue to experiment with their sound and constantly build and create new and amazing work, all while sitting back and watching their plans unfold as time and people progress. Their sound behind “Menace 2 Society” alone has a sound I haven’t honestly heard from anyone ever, for real though. The name of the song is the exact impression I get when I hear it; I feel as good as Caine did when he stuck dude for his rims and a burger while hearing this. The Tribe have something on their minds and I personally don’t think people are ready for what it is exactly. With visual direction from fellow Texan videographer Miaci, The Tribe executed the visual/single combo with ease. Thank you to my family over at Modern Life Magazine for the exclusive! For more music and new from The Tribe you can follow them on their Twitter page, you can also find the link for their project Super Bag here. Be sure to give a look over at Modern Life Magazine for more new music from the upcoming Texas scene. We hope you enjoy!