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Evolution is apart of the natural human experience. We go through mistakes, learn from our mistakes, and continue to survive to do better to accomplish our own goals. Trial&Error is proof of evolution and it’s here we learn where we talk with the Austin (the mind behind T&E, in the short sleeve) and Cassy (in the jacket), one of the team’s Graphic Designer about what sparked the creation of the brand and what life is like in the fast track.

Thanks for sitting down with me guys! Now what was the origin of the clothing brand ? – Austin: Ratchetmobb was like a catapiler, Nomad was the cocoon, And TrialandError is like the butterfly. One day we were just talking and decided to change the name.

Cassy: Well in the being the brand was Named Nomad and Austin felt it was limiting our designs under just the title nomad and we felt it was time for a new name. We felt like trial and error would be great because we could compile alot of different things not just clothing. We now have a team of designers Me, a photographer And very talented musicians.

Austin: Yea we started out as just a clothing line and now we’re aiming to be a collective, with DanV, Blackout, and on our roster, and then is another designer for us

At each phase, the phases being Ratchetmobb, Nomad, and now TrialandError what do you learn? – Austin: We learn something everyday. I learned I couldn’t do it alone, that’s when I brought on Cassy and created Nomad. Having a clothing line wasn’t always my dream, but having a team and something to live/work for was and I have that now with TrialandError

Cassy: Im 15 im pretty much way ahead of my time, no other kid at my school is doing interviews and i didn’t hop on this train to just get known in the world. It taught me to become more mature and be open to doing new things to better experience this thing we call life.

Now Austin, I know you started out in Texas just a few years ago…with the brand now are you thinking bigger and better? – Of course! Now I’m throwing shows, and that was primarily because I didn’t like looking for shows to put Blackout on, I felt it was better to originate our own shows. We threw a show in Austin with all Dallas artists except for two, and then we threw the art show here in Dallas. Next I’m aiming for Miami.

Cassy, given your young age and experience in the field already…do you try and become a positive influence to those in your area to show that you can do whatever you put your mind to? – Yes, my younger cousin definitely. Other kids at my school don’t really listen much they’re pretty simple minded and havent been woken up to see real life yet. But being that my lil cousin lives literally down the street from me i make sure he’s straight and has whatever he needs. His dream is to be a pro skater so i push him to stay on the board and keep learning no matter how hard it is.

Has putting on shows with local and more homegrown talent been a successful venture? Is everyone behind the “TrialandError” wave? – Austin: As far as I know everyone is behind the wave, I don’t have any known enemies or rivals. A lot of the people I talk to tell me they fuck with us, and Blackout is starting to do numbers. I haven’t talked Much about DanV bc he just recently joined the team, but he’s coming to Dallas in February for some shows and he’s got a nice feature coming up.

Cassy, how has it been working with people you wouldn’t necessarily meet in your day to day life? You seem to have the positive perks of Twitter down as far as making connections goes – So far so good, everyone ive via. Twitter or social media has been very amazing as people. I think its just my city i feel like everyone here hates each other ive gotten to know people from all the US i got some real good friends in Omaha just to name a few.

Austin: Cassy I can vouch that your city is just hateful lol

Austin how important is it to keep up the consistency with the group to not only push Dallas into the spotlight but everything that you’re doing? – Honestly the best way for us to push Dallas into the spotlight is to build on the star we already have, Post Malone. I’m sure once he’s on Dallas will get a lot more recognition. Dallas is like the underground LA right now

Cassy how strong do you think the mentality of “I’m doing this solo, fuck my city and everyone in it!” is hung over your city? – VERY, people don’t understand team work makes the dream work. This is why I’ve teamed with Austin to take this higher than it would ever go.


What some things you’ve seen the youth of the city do that’s different from the norm? As far as art, music, and the culture goes – Cassy: Not really anything not to normal on my side but every once and a while ill get together with my homie and well go out and do a little photoshoot just to show people i take my career serious :)).

Austin: I remember when I first got “into the scene” you could say, nobody wanted to help anyone, everyone thought it was all about them, when it’s all about us. Now as a city were starting to realize that, we all push each other to be better

Now, on the actual clothing brand side of things how does each design get chosen? How do you decide on the models? What’s the usual TrialandError process? – Austin: We don’t force anything. We just let our ideas come naturally.

Cassy: We throw ALL ideas into a imaginary hat and bring out something nice.


How would you describe the designs and color scheme you eventually decide on? – Cassy: Once i get these recent get these recent pieces im going to get my girl Evelyn Boyd. To model them for me I don’t want to just pick up a random cute girl. I like shooting people with good attitudes and that are just happy with life in general.

How far in advance does the entire team plan ahead your moves? Or is it a more general planning model? – Austin: For concerts at least a couple months, when it comes to clothes we just build up and release what we like.

Austin, aren’t a few upcoming artists like WIFISFUNERAL wearing your brand? – 

Yeah I met Wifi last week he’s a real cool dude were from the same city so I fuck with him heavy and KieMoney and Fat Nick got one.


To wrap up, what are some things the team has planned for 2016 and what would you tell aspiring creators that are out there trying to make their own dreams happen? – Austin: I’m planning a little tour out. 3-5 cities and I’d tell them to just practice using the Internet; the Internet can be your best friend.

Cassy: And dont ever play yourself, thats a major key to success.

You can talk to both Austin and Cassy on Twitter and update your closets with TrialAndError clothing at http://www.nomadstore.bigcartel.com/ hnXWdvUX