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Rap has always been the genre to borrow & copy & recycle. Somehow, certain phrases & wordplay get reused as each rapper tries to pull off the nicest flip of whatever word. I think that’s cool & all. I don’t like when I hear the same verse flipped over 99 times though. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of rap clichés that I think we can do without next year.


1. I just fucked yo bitch/fucked a nigga bitch etc.

Rappers are keen on fucking bitches. They’re even more intent on fucking another nigga’s bitch. Why? Who knows. It’s probably one of the biggest trends in trap music right now but rappers in general seem to fuck another nigga’s bitch on the daily, or at least rap about it. Who is the mystery nigga? Leave that man’s bitch alone dawg!


2. Drop the top/no ceiling etc.

I don’t think I know a single rapper that has a ceiling or roof. That shit cool but, damn. I get tired of hearing “droppin’ the top on the bentley”. Lil Wayne fucked the game up with No Ceilings but that was in ’09. If yo shit been missin since then it’s lost homie.


3. Ballin/Bald

“Ballin'” has continued to be a key term in rap for a cool minute. You’d think these niggas are real atheletes by how much they talk about ballin’ (& probably ain’t seen a court or field). Drake hit the “chemo” line & these niggas been ballin’/balding ever since. Ballin’ like Spalding, Messi, Jordan, Kobe, even Cancer! Hell nawl. Shoutout Jim Jones.


4. Diamonds Dancing

So this one is pretty recent. A few years ago no rapper had diamonds that could milly rock or dance like Michael Jackson or Patrick Swayze. Now, them bitches dancing like they Prince, Chris Brown & Beyoncé. Played out to the fullest. I’m tired. If you make music & you’re reading this, save your “diamonds dancing” bar, we really have enough.


5. Wrist

Who knew the wrist would become this important. Father made a whole ass song repeating the word wrist in the hook. Yet & still, another wrist bar emerges ’bout every 15 seconds. Rap has covered every imaginable wrist alteration from glaciers to freezers. Thug called his wrist a fucking faucet. I think I was done with the wrist after “Flicka Da Wrist”. Leave it. Thanks.


6. Bad Bitch

You can hear this term in any rap song today because rappers only fuck the baddest of bitches. Nine or better, they only fuck dimes. I’ll go ahead and include models & bottles as cliché too. It’s like nothing else rhymes with bottles or models. But yea, bad bitches is a cliché that has to die because nobody really gives a fuck about the bad bitches you got and every single other rapper is saying the same shit you saying. Next.


7. Ex

Seems like this year was the time to make your ex feel stupid & look dumb. This one isn’t actually that bad but damn now everybody is shinin’, flexin’ & stuntin’ on they ex. It’s hella exes out here mad asf! Leave it in 2016 cause these exes need a break. It’s still fuck my old hoe though!


8. Draco

The new trap nigga weapon of choice is the Draco (Mini Draco AK47). Everybody got a Draco now. Don’t know why it got so popular but nowadays if you’re rapping about gun play the word Draco has to be mentioned a few times. I’ve heard enough.


9. Yea

I hate to be the nigga to say it but everybody else acts as though they don’t notice the shit. I don’t wanna hear another nigga say “Yea” in they rhymes bro. like 50% of the song be a nigga saying “Yea” between every bar. That shit has to stop. Yea.

Author: @Jay69