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Back where I began after it all ended,

It’s repetition;

the mind’s focus on what’s really important.

This is only part two, but it doesn’t feel so brand new.

I cruise, I’m the muse,

this time.

My story feels infinite;

A new path every turn;

Changing directions from the first.

Is it a blessing or a curse

to be sworn the love of the universe?

I feel it in the heels of my every step,

happiness is trying to find me.

I get lost every time there’s a plan B.

Do you see,


the pregnancy of this new entity?

A reincarnation

of what the old we

used to be.

There’s multiple underneath,


the past, present,

the fear of what’s next, and

the emerging lesson

that’s been given to me.

I can’t write in sorrow at all times,

It’s the truth,

I’m not miserable.

I’m just struggling, hustling,

building, and growing.

I know the end of this happiness is near me.

I know everything and anything is temporary.

I know I’m going to go down the same I came up,

I’m never surprised when I find myself

in the dirt

of pursuit.

The root

of corruption

plants the seed of motion

and the downward spiral

toward the gates of hell.

I am free,

because I play the game so tangibly,

the devil hates me.

I’m not fucking scared, bring it to me.

Tear me down and eat my words,

break my bones, and grant me this curse

of a real life,

the way it works.

Lead me to failure

just so I could win twice.

Point me to the wrongs

so I can prove what’s right

in my mind, to my standards

Cus’ it’s my acres of land,

no one’s soil to stand and

only my journey to understand.

The present that’s in my hands

is the gift of fearlessness,

and adjustment to change.

Give me a challenge so I prove to you

I’m just the same

As the version before,

just a bit more wiser.

I don’t repeat my mistakes because

it makes the troubles seem lighter;

it makes the vision flow smoother.

Let me give you some honesty:

I might stutter when I tell you these words

I might pause,

might ad some slurs.

I’m uncertain, currently,

But most definitely,


I think overall,

I’m happy.

by Kimberly Lopez