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You’re not the same anymore….
You think I can’t tell?
I’ve known you for 4 years now
I’ve lived with you for half that
You’re smile changed
You never call back
You say you’re at work but,
I can never tell….
But I trust you so that should mean something
Am I boring you? Can you say something?
Now you be distant as fuck
I can tell you fake when we fuck
You used to see me and I’d be the light of
Your day, anytime I saw you I saw it all on
Your face, that’s all I want to touch but
I’ve realized my place, it’s obvious you want more
I can tell you’re not the same anymore….

Whatever it’s cool… I had this coming
Don’t try to “feel me”
You’re the one who’s running
I did nothing…
Was I not there enough?
Did I not care enough?
I didn’t love you enough?
Ok… whatever if that’s how you wanna
End this fine, I’m cool with that
We both know the truth here, but if that’s how you feel then who am I to judge your next move
Live long and prosper, follow your dreams
Until the path becomes crack
But don’t ever text me again unless it’s about bringing my sweaters back

She’s not the same cause I’m feeding her brain. 
You lost intention & I became Kent. 
Baby don’t wonder, that man was a Blunder. 
We can make up for the time that you spent. 
Pull your emotions, retract your submission. 
Tell him you hate him, but lack inhibition.
I am the wave & the truth & the light. 
Press up to me but deny his suspicions. 
Whole time I’m having you high, you get lifted.
Haven’t you had enough time to be distant. 
I’ve been deliberate, it’s time to get active.
You’re not the same, it’s okay to be different. 

Never aggressive, I’m usually passive.
You’ve seen me down, I’m gone fight if I have it. 
Rational, plus you divided my senses.
I know you’re ready to ride if I ask you. 
I never meant to collide in this system. 
I’d take restrictions aside it if mattered. 
Got you away from a marvelous mansion.
Say that a Queen should belong in a Palace. 
King of tradition but wicked to malice.
Girl you influence me more than I like.
I’ll take some love at the cost of a sweater. 
Prosper with me & indulge in this pattern.