img_7726SKKRRRTTTT! SKKRRRTTTT! What’s better than surfing a wave? Surfing a wave that you helped invent. Hot on Atlanta’s scene with his relatable music being listened to worldwide. His art puts him on top with his smooth flow and selection of beat choices. You could’ve caught him at ac3 or preforming in LA, I would love to introduce you to our very own Terrance Escobar!

*Back2BackBack Video by Terrance Escobar*

Who are you? 

Escobar: Im Terrance Escobar, Yung Skkrrrttt, Emoesco. The real yung Skkkrtttt.

How old are you and where are you from? 

Escobar: 20 and I’m from Spartanburg, South Carolina

How long have you been rapping and who is your greatest influence? 

Escobar: I started seriously writing music back in 2013, so 3 years. I would write hella music, but I didn’t have a face card just yet, so i wasn’t plugged in- i barely had anywhere to record. Of course I have a couple great influences I could name, but I’m going to have to give the #1 spot to Curren$y, $pitta.

How’d you end up in Atlanta? 

Escobar: I moved in the beginning of my freshman year.

Your style of music has had an big influence on Atlantians why would you say that was?

Escobar: I feel like my music is easy to pipe up to, doesn’t take much, I use my own wits to finesse dope lyrics on to some raw ass production and people vibe.. ya dig?

A:Definitely I’ve been around you so I know your lifestyle is in your lyrics. 

Who is your gang and do you think they’ve helped you grow as an artist? 

Escobar: Originally, on the 34 (3400 block) When I first moved to the norfside like 3 years ago, I was writing, kickin’ shit, cranking cyphers everyday with Fauni (@THOUXANBANFAUNI) & Swish (@HiTOMMYSWISHER). I would definitely say we all watched each other grow as artist, & helped each other too .. whether it was unintentional or not, musically we helped each other because we moved together in a sense. Feel me? But as of today I rock w/ HONORARY MEMBERS. S/O to that bwoi Izze (@izzetheproducer) & everybody at Tree Sound Studios.

You have multiple songs with 100k plays more than 300k plays really, how does that make you feel as an artist? 

Escobar: It’s dope. It’s fye at one point of time it was even surprising, im proud of my progress- but I’m aiming for them M’s juu’hearddddd?

A: That’s okay tho because your not done yet. I’ve also seen tromindous growth, from your name in the last couple of months as well.

What are the rest of your plans for 2016?

Escobar: Only thing I can really speak on is more dope visuals. More fye ass videos.

Do you have anything you want your fans to know about you or any last words? 

Escobar: I never paid for promotion, or views, I never asked for help when it came to MY music, never asked for features. I just want my Fans to know ion rock with gimmicks, & everything you see with Terrance Escobar that’s what you’re going to get, it’s a 100% Yung Skkkrrrttt every time you’digggg?

Thank you for tuning in to learn some more about one of your favorite rappers. He is currently working on a song with lyrics that say “she wanna fuck my swag”. Pay attention to him so you can keep up on when he drops the heat. Follow him in on Twitter @TERRANCEESCOBAR.

*Music by Terrance Escobar*