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@Designbyvernon‘s TAXX STUDIOS exemplifies what it means for a designer to have a personal connection with their brand & art. There’s always fuss over who’s copying who or, who came up with what first. I’ve always felt that the most important aspect is who is most true & genuine in their passion for the craft. Who’s creating for a quick buck & who’s creating because their fervor won’t allow them not to. In Vernon’s case, fashion is what motivates him. His vision, acknowledged at a young age, became the fuel behind his creativity & fashion the outlet. Thus, TAXX STUDIOS was born. The brand holds true its identity to Vernon. Each collection’s theme has been a conception unique to Vernon—not attributed to any specific theme or general feeling. The brand is conscious & lives through him—pieces like the, “The World Is Yours” tee shows his cultural awareness. Although it’s a simple phrase, the meaning has a correlation with everyone here on earth & means something different per individual. Check out our discussion.

How did growing up in Springfield impact your creativity? I was surrounded by poverty, the typical ghetto neighborhood most come from in this country. I could have either been a drug dealer, or a creative. My lane as a creative was a solo one, I was always on my own with these things. Everyone else I grew up with just didn’t have the vision.

So you really had to stay focused and true to your vision. When did you discover your vision & put it to use? I was 15. I always had a sense of style since birth, but I had the vision I was 15. I used to get clothing markers & draw on t-shirts to create concepts & then I got Photoshop & went crazy with the concepts. My mind just became a canvas for creativityimage2-1

What did you do next? What came before TAXX STUDIOS? “Foreign Posse”, it was a concept of mine that I went with for a little while. I had a long term vision for that so in due time I will broadcast that concept back out into the world officially.

What’s the motivation behind TAXX STUDIOS, how’d you begin? I wanted to create something cultural yet diverse filled with a bunch of concepts I can add in to coordinate & mold TAXX STUDIOS for the better every time. It’s like TAXX STUDIOS is a platform for my visions to come to life.taxx

Are you working alone? Who else is there to support? It consists of 2 of us right now, Terrell Knight & Myself. It’s just us that makes the magic happen.

At what point did you decide designing was your thing? It was just a natural feeling, I always wanted to create stuff so other people can visualize what’s going on in my head. Each creation of mine is a series of thoughts turned into a concept stuck in time.image1-2

How do you think your designs differ from others? I stay true to myself. Most try to coordinate their work with what’s relevant in hopes for more success… I just do what I want & pray people find it cool or interesting. However they feel about it, they got to know it’s genuine.

Who are your favorite designers right now? Favorite designers… would have to be shoe wise, John Gieger, uhh clothing wise, definitely Lev Tanju.image1

What do you think is the most important part of owning a brand? Not drifting from yourself & what you like in order to potentially please people. Staying true is the most important thing other than getting the brand trademarked

Designers tend to dislike certain “hyped” trends. Are there any trends you wish would die out by next year? The “Future” hat everyone hyped up is beyond corny & needs to be discontinued, along with “bike style” fake Balmain jeans.


TAXX STUDIOS 3M Logo Tee (surprise release this December)