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I’m in love with soul, with the music it releases and with the characters it builds. I stand in admiration when I hear a song with enough soul to give me chills. That’s what music should always do to you– at least the good music. The kind of music that connects souls is the kind of music you listen to on a November morning staring at the sunrise. This is the kind of music I live to listen to. I like every single goosebump it gives me.

Raised somewhere in the Florida panhandle near the Alabama-Florida state-line, southern songwriter, Tanya Gallagher, intertwined both her love for environmental science and her songwriting. Her EP “Virginia” is said to release two days from now on September 30th. This EP shares her journey from Pensacola, Florida to Vancouver, B.C where she experienced the kind of personal growth that can only be shared through a medium. She says Virginia taught her about love, about heartache, and that a home away from home does exist. But, telling people stories with simple words just isn’t enough. With “Virginia”, Gallagher creates a roadmap with each song and with each song, pours words of growth and understanding into our minds. The single Virginia as well as the EP is about growing up and expanding the horizons you already have. If that’s not something you can relate to personally, then maybe you aren’t adulting correctly.

A little similar to Norah Jones in the voice and a little like John Mayer in the lyrics, Tanya Gallagher has “stolen my heart” with her single, “Virginia”. Rooted in folk, the mellow melody and raspy voice somehow reminds you of a younger Cindy Walker. There’s something that’s comforting in this song that I can’t entirely explain. Even though Gallagher’s EP releases soon, I cannot wait to hear what experiences lie in the remaining six songs.


Here’s the link to Gallagher’s lead single “Virginia” on the said named Virginia EP that I just raved so heavily about:







And if you fall in love with her, you can pre-order her $5 Virginia EP on iTunes! (or just order it in two days)