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Hi guys, Meet Stefan James, One of many artist to watch in 2017.


So how’d you get your starting music?

Well when I first got my start in music I really didn’t take it seriously at all. I went over my friends house and went there only because I told them I could rap but honestly I was terrible and the song I made of course wasn’t good at all. But when I first recorded it felt really good and I felt natural at it even though the song came out horrible haha. After all of that I just kept up with it because once I got comfortable and started posting my music on different websites and especially Making Hip-Hops (a subreddit on Reddit) I got feedback that helped me improve to what I am now. I know that I can get better in some aspects still about my music but I feel like I am at a point where I can take the leap to the next level of my music career as well. Music is most definitely the only thing I’ve ever been good at in my life and I can say that confidently.


Haha, very similar to how other great artist starts out. Where you from? How did your city influence you?

– I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I’ve lived in many places all over Michigan, some areas more affluent than the other but I like to say I am from Detroit because that’s where I was home-grown and most of my family still lives in the city as well. Detroit is a city where you live and learn and that’s how it simply is and growing up in different areas of Michigan taught me a lot about people as well and how they react to certain situations. When you think of Detroit and Hip-Hop you of course think of Eminem but my city has many influences on me. The hard-working mentality I bring to my music is what I most definitely got from Detroit and the drive to get better is what I got as well. Because right now Detroit is trying to get better as a city and I wanna do the same with my music and I know my city and me myself can reach those two goals. My city is known as a rough place to outsiders but in reality you just have to stay in the right direction and don’t fall into dark paths.


How would you describe your sound?

– I would describe my sound I like to use a term called Vibe-Hop. Because my music is something you can easily relate too with what I say in my songs rather it’d be more braggadocios like Dirty Water, or a life story in Bands On Me. I try to bring a different flavor with each song so everyone can take a piece out of it and relate. My sound is creative I like to say and with Vibe-Hop being the way I place my music I just want you to vibe to my music and have fun with it at the end of the day. I never try to sound like anyone and I am happy I get that from people when they hear me because I want to be fresh and new to many people that may hear my music in the near future.
What artists influence you? Whats in your daily rotation?
Artists that influence me has to be Kanye West, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Drake, XXXTentacion, the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marvin Gaye, and Tupac. A thing all of these artists have in common is that they aren’t afriad to take risks with their music and they all are creative geniuses in there own right. The reason I really wanted to continue rapping is because of Travis Scott and the way the energy felt at his concert. It was insane and I knew that I want that same mentality when I perform shows and make the crowd have fun as much as I did that night. My daily rotation right now is Travis, XXXTentacion, D-Savage, Carti, Kanye, and Cole.


How was your creative process , when you made ‘dirty water’?

– Dirty Water came as a high energy song when I received the beat from ’til25, shouts out to him, I wanted to just rap about what was on my mind at the time when I wrote it. Also it came when the Flint Water Crisis came about so I wanted to add that in there as well. The song was me letting all my energy out about different topics and telling people what I want to expect from myself in the future and then talking about the Dirty Water as well.


That’s also one of my favorite records that you made. keep it up, definitely look forward to seeing your music career unfold!


check him out here : Soundcloud | Twitter