Often time I’ll say to myself “I miss real rap.” What do I mean by real rap though? Normally people will think “real rap is J Cole, Kendrick, Tupac, Nas, etc.” Yet none of them come to my mind. So what do I truly mean by that term? I mean I miss when you could tell a story with your words.

Now we’re trapped in this genre of music where there’s no true substance; clothes and drugs are glorified so much that they’re everything that attributes a rapper right now. Whatever happened to wordplay? Telling stories of wild experiences that doesn’t just include tooting straps, sipping lean, and finessing simps. Although we’re drowned in this redundant sound, there are still many artists that stick to their roots regardless of a crowd or image. These are artists that come to mind when I think of “real rap.”

As I’ve searched for those overlooked artists in the scene today, I stumbled upon many talented wordsmiths. From Lärs who is a fellow member of Senclaire himself to a LA native rapper Huey Briss. This genre is not gone it still exists, it’s just evolved.

One artists coming out of this evolution is one of the members of the very talented, diverse collective Spurt Mob, Speck. Hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania, Speck presents his fans and supporters with a new project “MELATONIN EP” full of the gritty, realistic vibes that come from his experiences and that influence his sound. Speck speaks to me in ways he probably doesn’t understand on this project, but that’s truly the purpose of this “real rap” perspective. To show you something about yourself you probably never knew. As influential as it is a mp3 folder full of hits, Speck shows off wild talent and a rare sound with only an 8 track project.

With production from Mikey Vintage, A Dead Ronin, Travis Xantana, and MartyrMusic, Speck doesn’t hesitate to let triggers pulls and words fly in this druggy, easy-going sound he so easily orchestrates throughout the project. You can stream “MELATONIN EP” above or via Speck’s Soundcloud page. Be sure to follow Speck on Twitter for more news and updates on music, visuals, shows, & future projects. We hope you enjoy!