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A lot has been going on lately, with hate crimes in Orlando and Istanbul, police brutality against more than just those graced with melanin, and our extremely racist presidential candidate (but let me not talk about anything worth getting fussy over). But like I was saying, a lot has been going on lately, but among the many of us who choose to take our emotions and pour them into something productive and, every once in a while, turn them into something inspiring, something powerful, there are only a few who are actually recognized for it.

One outlet I want to focus on, though, is music. There are only so many songs that make you think deeper than the surface. Hate him or not, Michael Jackson could definitely do it (remember “We Are the World”?). Recently I’ve come across a beautiful resemblance of MJ and what he put into the music society and society as a whole. Her name is Divinity Roxx and is probably known best as working with artists like Beyonce, K.Michelle, and B.o.B. Don’t worry, that’s not all she is. She’s already well known but it’s only recently, April of this year, that she’s made an album all her own called “ImPossible” (be aware of which letters are capitalized during pronunciation), and it’s about time. “We Are” is the song I am going to share with you today, and Roxx herself gives all credit of lyric inspiration to her former UC Berkley professor of poetry, June Jordan:

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Think about everything going on right now, read the news if you absolutely have to. But while you do so, watch this video or listen to this song if you’re multi-tasking by reading the news like I asked. I swear ten times over you’ll understand. If you love music the way I do, you’ll understand.


“We Are is more than a song, it’ s the message I want to give to the world. We are the only ones who can positively effect the change we want to see in this world”.

You can catch a full album here on soundcloud


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