“Pink range rover b*tch I feel like killa cam” sounds familiar right? Straight out of New Jersey we would like to introduce you to Spaceli Veitnam. The 18 year old whose been using Soundcloud to his advantage by only dropping straight fire, is going to make some serious changes is hip hop history. He has put out songs with features such as Lil Yatchy, Nessly, and many more. I got the chance to speak with Spaceli to let you know a little more about him and the rest of his plans for a successful 2016.

Who are you? 

Spaceli Vietnam

Spaceli: Spaceli Veitnam from Orange County, New Jersey

What is the reason behind why you started rapping?

Spaceli: The reason I started because of my older cousin, in 2009 he used to freestyle, so one say I decided to go against him & then I started writing to mad lil Wayne beats & the rest was history.

So would you say Lil Wayne is your highest influence?

Spaceli: Honestly I would say his beats were but Wiz Khalifa is my biggest influence.

What about you makes you unique from other rappers in your generation?

Spaceli: I’m not following waves Im doing my own thing & I’m younger then most of these rappers & my sound is original.

Around what time did you start noticing that you were acquiring fans?

Spaceli: This year around February,  yeah people would just randomly hit me up & people from my city would fake fk with me because they see where I’m heading.

When “hello hello” hit 300k plays how did that make you feel?

Spaceli: It feels good because people actually rock with it heavy and it only gets bigger every day.

Whats your favorite song by you? 

Spaceli: “hello hello” because it’s catchy and has good vibes.

What are the rest of your plans for 2016? 

Spaceli: To stunt on these wack rappers that shouldn’t even be rapping and to gain a good fan base.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans or anything you want them to know about you? 

Spaceli: I love y’all & Ima forever drop that fire.