Since the launch of Senclaire, I’ve met many amazing creatives, from fashion designers, to models & musicians. I certainly didn’t expect the publication to be as popular as it has become, but I’m rightfully excited nonetheless. Somewhere at the beginning of (or thereafter) the official launch, I came across Souf Seas 2k, an independent clothing line out in “Gumptown USA”. I got in contact with the head of the brand & we clicked immediately. There’s something about having the support & acknowledgment from other independent artists; that reassures us we’re on the right track. We’ve taken a deserved liking to Souf Seas & can’t wait to see what they have in store; we hope our relations only become stronger hereafter. I got the chance to sit down with the Souf Seas leader & ask him a few questions. He sheds some light on the goals of Souf Seas 2k & what you can expect from the brand. Check it out below; let us know what you think in the comments.

Originality, creativity & ambition are just a few words that delineate what lies in the heart of Souf Seas 2k’s approach to modern streetwear. The brand draws inspiration from several different elements. Seamlessly, Souf Seas 2k has found a way to incorporate southern HipHop culture, along with many other urban cultures from different areas, art, sports, & a distinct creative avenue that has yet to be explicitly explored in its hometown, Montgomery, Alabama. Byron Burkes pioneers his creative vision; constructing the visuals, managing the online shop, networking with other artists & musicians in order to manifest the final productions of his brand. Souf Seas 2k is a splendid representation of independent work; the power to take matters (& talent) into your own hands & to realize a dream. It is the ability to focus the creative/imaginative mind so that one may actualize a product that can be worn & expressed. Discover all that Souf Seas 2k encompasses as a brand in the interview below.

Souf Seas 2k; could you tell us what the name means & how it came about? At first, the name was just a couple of words, something with no meaning. Me and my homie were going to use it on some rap shit. Him, being from the boot (Louisiana) and me from Alabama. Just us being some 3rd coast niggas tryna make some shit happen. That’s how it came about.

How long has Souf Seas 2k been established? It’s been in concept for a long time, I just never had a name; I always wanted to make clothes. My first product was a hat about a year ago.

What do you wish to accomplish with the brand? Honestly, I want to place a storefront in downtown Montgomery— in like, an old loft. I want to have a name that holds weight. Just some shit people will be glad to wear and put their friends on.

How many staff or team members do you have? Just one. However, I’ve got people who help financially or with ideas I have, creatively.

What influences Souf Seas 2k the most? The southern rap culture, rap cultures from different regions, art, sports; I pull creative ideas from a lot of places.

Describe the audience Souf Seas 2k caters to. Anybody who wants to invest in what I’m doing. I’ve sent packages off to all different types of people from different places. I sent a package to Alaska; that was like one the first orders I ever got, and Great Britain too. I love it.

What are some things you’ve learned since becoming the leader of a clothing line? Not putting dates on projects, mindfulness, one step at a time. I wanna kill the game, but eventually.

What is an average day for the leader of Souf Seas 2k? Making juugs on PayPal, having YouTube songs stuck in my head, loitering at corner stores.

How do you come up with graphics & themes for the brand? That’s something that gave me problems; I’d have the ideas, but I wouldn’t know how to complete it. Usually, I’ll reach out to an artist, but as I get better with graphics I’ll do everything on my own. As far as themes, I wanna use colorways from this soccer team that I like. Colors are important to the themes.

Has Souf Seas 2k been received as well as you projected More than I imagined. People are investing money, people I dont know and people I do. But my childhood friend told me he was on the phone arguing, saying he had the new Souf Seas shirt and headband and my other friend didn’t have it yet; he was mad. I thought that was cool.

How would someone who’s never heard of Souf Seas 2k discover it? What type of media outlets do you use to promote your brand? On the internet? I’m heavy on Whatsapp, Xvids, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Describe Souf Seas 2k’s approach to style; what makes it different? Just being a nigga from the gump; that perspective really hasnt been told. Putting out the creative ideas I have is the approach and what sets me apart from the rest.

What’s the next big step for the brand? Travel, get in some stores, a fadeboyz/soufseas pop shop. That’s been on my mind for the longest.

Did the brand reach any new milestones this year? Any big highlights? The highlight was completing every step to creating a website, putting out the bando shirt; all the highlights are really just me doing what I say I’m gonna do.

How did you hear about Senclaire? I saw the features you did with Uncle Flex and TheRullla.

Are there any Senclaire x Souf Seas 2k collabs consumers should look out for in the future? More interviews, more features.

Anything you want to say to your consumers & the Senclaire audience? Come shop.

Special thanks & appreciations/shoutouts? Fadeboyz, Phil, Flex, Sir Crks, TheRullla and anybody who bought something, shout out to them.