Everybody loves pictures right? And not just your everyday iPhone pictures, I mean superb hands on work with actual digital cameras or film. Changing the area around the picture to make something great out of a 5 second scene. Well good, I’m glad we all agree that those are the best pictures because I’d like to introduce you to the talent Shamshawan Scott, the young photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. Sham’s style is film photography, right now he’s in the process of mastering this skill and becoming one of the greatest to do it. His artwork easily shows his dedication from only 1 year of working professionally. You might see some familiar faces in some of the pictures throughout this interview, you might not. All in all Sham gives us a great look into his life and his hopes for the future, at the end you’ll be able to see a gallery of some of Sham’s old & recent work. Hope you enjoy!

Who are you?

Sham: My name is Shamshawan Scott (Sham for short) and I’m a film photographer/aspiring director based in ATL

How long have you been a photographer?

Sham: This will be my second year taken it seriously , so two years pretty much

What made you start to take it serious?

Sham: My friends encouraged me to because they liked the photos I took which were just mediocre landscape photos

You never really saw what you were worth? You’re friends must’ve encouraged the hell outta you

Sham: Yeah they did, I just thought they were ight like I just took photos because shit like that looked pretty to me lol

How would you say your first year went?

Sham: My first year was my learning year, I spent that whole year interning , and learning the basics of film photography and digital. All I wanted to do was consume that year. learned stuff from developing my own film to taking pictures with a shoe box literally

A shoebox? How did you go about doing that? 

Sham: Okay so you get the film paper and put it in the shoe box in complete darkness or in a room w dim light, cover it and poke a small hole through it. After that, cover up the hole with your finger. Go outside the room to anywhere you would like to take a picture like your backyard. Remove your finger from the hole and expose it to the light for about 8 seconds. Cover it back up and go back in the dark room and develop it and the thing you exposed your shoe box/paper to, is on that paper, so your backyard is on that paper. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds lmao!

Damn that’s creative tho, what’d you end up using the camera for?

Sham: just to practice developing the paper and to take on photography at its simplest form

So what’s the plan for this year? 

Sham himself

Sham: Well, to land a shot on my own cover of a magazine and to also direct my first music video and to meet my biggest inspirations. I’ve actually accomplished a lot in the last 6 months.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Sham: Blood orange, Petra Collins, and Nabil, Tyler Mitchell, and Richard Avedon

I saw you got to work & shoot with Tyler Mitchell and Abra, how did you set that up?

Sham: Well I actually met Tyler in an airport in New York and we exchanged numbers, so later on that season he hmu to assist him on the Crack shoot which was a dream for me because he’s the person I look up to and to be right there working with him was a blessing

Anyone else you plan to work with we should know about?

Sham: I really don’t wanna reveal that right now , but you’ll know by the end of July. it’s worth the wait and also my biggest shoot

What elements are most important to you when taking pictures?

Sham: Atmosphere, Feeling, Tone, and Angles

How did you notice these elements become so important to you over the past year? 

Sham: Because I started growing into my style of photography which is based on realism. it’s more documentarian style, a more honest look through a lens. that’s why I decided to shoot film in the first place, it’s way more realistic and I never edit

And you think that you’ll stick to film for a while?

Sham: Yes even longer than that , I’m trying to make that my thing and master it before I’m 21

Have you ever thought about switching styles in the future? Or is film strictly the way to go?

Sham: I switched to film from digital this year. I’m really just trying to do film strictly, then go into directing

What made you decide to delve into directing? 

Sham: Since I was young I always loved the idea of concept , I’ve always had an interest in film. The movie ‘Super 8’ literally inspired me to go into that field. I just loved the idea of making things and ideas in your mind coming to life and showing the world.

When should we expect to see directed material of your’s?

Sham: By the end of this year I’ll have one or two music videos shot and directed by me. I shoot on VHS

VHS filming has become very popular in the past few years, why do you think it’s gotten so famous?

Sham: I think because people want that nostalgic feeling back ya know, and also it just overall looks cool and gives the videos a certain vibe

Do you only direct music videos or do you have plans for short films or something in the same area?

Sham: I would want to direct a short film but I need more knowledge on the art before I dive into it

So what’s Atlanta like for an artist like yourself?

Sham: It’s really a place for a lot of opportunities , it’s like a second New York for me

How would you describe your time in New York? 

Sham: I get the most opportunities in NY because I have a lot of friends and connects that partake and similar fields up there. my best days are usually in NY

Have you ever thought of moving to NY and working out of there?

Sham: Well I’m from New York so I’m gonna move back there regardless , just gotta finish up school first

Are going to school for photography in Atlanta?

Sham: I’m actually going for marketing so I can know how to manage my business when I start working for myself

So you plan to have your own empire soon? 

Sham: Yes I’m working on it , but I believe I will soon

What would you say to some first timers who’s deciding to go into your field?

Sham: Always stay true to yourself and please please please trust in your own ideas

Anything to say to the fans who’ll read this?

Sham: Thank you for reading and I hope to keep impressing you guys as the year moves forward and also stay safe

To keep up with Sham’s photography you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and have walked away with a new favorite artist!