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I can tell you right now this is probably one of my favorite interviews of the whole year. From Roy, Utah we bring you the producer Scatterbrain. Yes, the same Scatterbrain behind the production on Karmah & Yngx17’s “No Feelings” and Kane Grocery’s “Ain’t On Piss”. As you can tell by Scatterbrain’s sound he’s very different from what you’d expect from the average producer. With the inspiration from his surroundings and life experiences, a splash of some MF DOOM/Madlib, and a teaspoon spoon of some Lex Luger and you have Scatterbrain’s distinct sound that you’d only hear from a Scatterbrain instrumental. We got the chance to talk to Scatterbrain so that we could get to know him better, and now so can you.

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Who are you?

Chase: Well shit, my government is Chase. Shit boring as hell, but my alias as a producer is scatterbrain and I didn’t pick that name by accident. it found me really lol, always been a scatterbrain and my attention span has always been bad especially in school so I found that very fitting.

How long have you been producing?

Chase: Well I had a homie that first showed me what was good with everything he was rapping and producing his own stuff this was like summer 2012 and I played around with it a little made a beat on his computer in 2013 (that my homie is using on his project coming on 4/20 look out for that. y o u n g a $ $ $ c a t t e r b r a I n) then never really did it again cause I never had equipment or anything. then I finally decided to buy my own laptop in June of 2015 then bought FL about a couple weeks later and just been rocking with it and playing around with it ever since

Do you have any inspirations?

Chase: Producer wise? Man absolutely the heaviest ones for me is Left Brain, Lex Luger, and Madlib.

Chase, the Scatterbrain himself

Where are you from?

Chase: Roy, Utah aka off the fucking grid lol

As a producer what inspires you to make new sounds everyday?

Chase: Just to try and create some new wild sounds that people never hear. simple as that, I just think this little trap epidemic that everybody is stuck on is so watered down its quiet for all that, in due time. I just wanna keep coming with new sounds that people find odd and dark idk I just try to put my feelings into my sounds. you can really tell that from my 2 beat tapes, going through rough times. just wanna inspire others.

Does Utah inspire you in any way?

Chase: Man Utah is the last thing that inspires me man. the local music culture here is below average, but there is a few creatives that I’m glad I get to call my friends. my brother Jordan, owns his own brand Case Study he cuts and sews each piece and has very unique ideas it’s amazing man I’m excited to see where he goes. and my other homie Talmage he goes fucking crazy with a camera, smh. peep his IG: talmag3. and also my swell merchant homies put on for the city and make real moves compared to all these internet characters trying to catch a buzz off the internet. Utah is so corny man and late on everything, but at the same time I have love for the beauty of this place. that’s. the culture is slowly building but only with those select people who are making real moves for themselves, Kids like us in this city are very important to say the least whether we reach the pinnacle or not because then these younger kids will see it and wanna be that you know. Everybody is scared to show love to one another here as well I feel like man. it’s sad. a lot of cool shit going on. And also I feel like separating myself from a younger age has helped me so much man, stopped hanging out with kids and just people in my area who were always and still always doing the same shit every night partying, like bro I would party and shit but what do I have to celebrate you feel me? people are just funny man and I been noticing a lot lately. just wanna better myself and my girlfriend wanna give her the world.

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So do you have a supporting team? Or are you just moving solo?

Chase: Just moving solo for now at least, if a cool opportunity comes cool, but either way I’m just gonna keep working and control what I can control.

Is it hard for you to diversify yourself from other producers out now?

Chase: Honestly I don’t really worry about trying to diversify myself I mean I do of course but to a certain point. I like to think I’m bringing something different and new which I think if the right ear hears it they would say the same. a lot of very good producers out there, I’m just trying to be great man really. this is all so fun to me.

What’s the story behind your most recent EP named “Alleviation”?

Chase: The feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced.
basically this is a little story through the up & down phases of what I’ve been going through the last few months. thank you for the support I got y’all.
never put so much emotion and passion into something, been going through so much bullshit life throwing things at me I would have never imagined I’d have to go through, family turning their back on me and people giving up on me. life.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

Chase: Really just expanding myself and my sound, more placements. just keep working.

Anything you wanna say to the fans who’ll read this?

Chase: Really it’s all love from me to anybody who supports me and truly fucks with me. like yourself man you’ve been fucking with me and supporting so thank you for that.

You can follow & support Scatterbrain on Twitter & Soundcloud, be on the lookout for his new collab w/ Nico from Swell Merchants coming VERY soon.

*Scatterbrain’s most recent project “Alleviation”*