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Today, we sat down with Sauceske, Deathat5 representative, Oklahoman playboy, high school bomb threat maker, and up and coming rapper. His latest single “WHENiWALK” just recently hit 100k, and ridin’ the high of success, we chopped it up about the future, which is bright for the next young hokage.

Who is Sauceske?

Sauceske is me.

Why “Sauceske” ? I’m assuming it’s a play on the nigga from naruto, but why?

A nigga just fuck with naruto heavy. I came up with that shit when I was with ‘kodone one day. I use to go by “PO$H KHRI$T” but a conversation with Lofty305 inspired me to make my own lane.

I ain’t no anime rapper though.

What did you take away from that convo with lofty, he give you any gems?

Lofty is the reason I try to be so authentic. After the conversation & name change, I tried as much as I could to set myself astray from the everyday shit I seen and heard. I left the leaf village ya feel? lmao.

Lmaoooo. Embarking on your own journey.

Real shit.

How did you link up with Papikodone ?


We both live in the same city. Thats been my nigga way before all this shit. I’ll take a bullet for five. We ain’t just “linked” that’s my brother. Fr.

Explain your role Deathat5™

I don’t think roles are really a thing in D5. I’m the nigga that make music. We just on some takeover type shit.

How long have you been rapping?

When I was starting high school I was listening to shit like Ruben Slikk, Mike Dece, Denzel Curry … yanno? KLVN shit.

That’s when I fr started getting into rap the way I am now.

I’ve been rapping for like 4 years now, but ‘kodone convinced me to drop my first song on soundcloud almost a year ago.

What are you favorite albums? 

I don’t really have any favorites to be completely honest. When I first started dropping shit I was listening to shit like ethereal, cyrax, black kray, KEY! etc…

What do you draw inspiration from?

I don’t think I really draw inspiration from one person I listen to A LOT of people. all the music i listen to everyday inspires me.

At what point did you start making beats?

Like a year after I started rapping I always wanted to make my own beats because few beats caught my attention at the time. so that’s what I did. My first song I dropped produced by me was “DE$IGNER BAG$”, but that was a beat and song I made in like 2 hours.

Is there anyone you really wanna work with?

I’ve had one feature. S/O Matty Woods. I don’t know, for me it’s like collabs have to come naturally. I don’t wanna fuck with anyone that don’t fuck with me. It’d be fye to have a song with ski though.

Are you an anime head or just naruto?

I’ve watched a lil anime, but naruto is my shit, definitely my favorite.

Any upcoming projects to look out for ?

I’m working on my first EP. It’s gonna be titled “The Five Project”.

It’ll have some wild production and features. So far I know I’ll have production by captaincrunch, RXLVND, & more. It should be here by the end of the year. We eating after that.

I saw you mention you’re expecting a child. Congratulations my g, is there anything about this world you wanna change before he, or she arrives?

I appreciate that. I just don’t want my child exposed to a lot of shit I was exposed to. I want my child to eat good & live lavish. It’s also another reason I have to make it with this shit.

Lastly, give me one goal you want to speak into existence.

I don’t even know I’m off the woods this a hard one lmao …

I want this show money. I want everyone to know who sauceske is by the end of 2017. I want to visit every state, every country, off my music. I want to inspire someone else to make music. I’d just say. anything you want to do, whether it’s rapping, producing, singing, dancing, or acting. Do that shit. If you don’t I guarantee you’ll regret it. College isn’t always the answer. Anything you want, you can have, on five.