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   For photographers and other like minded people in the field of visual arts, your camera is the best possible friend you could have. Fellow Sage, Sage English makes it look easy with his hashtag #shotbysage and his visuals. Holding it down for New York City, Sage English stops by to talk on his recent 2015 ventures, his own way of doing things, tips and tricks when it comes to doing photography, and people to look out for this year.

Thanks for doing the interview man, so to get into it…what’s the origin story of Sage English? – No problems dawg. I guess you can say the name originated with my mom cause it’s my birth name. As far as the artistry, everything started around 6th grade in my music class. That’s when I first started messing around writing raps in my notebooks.

How has the music worked for you thus far? Were you always centered in New York City? – I kind of been in the dark trying to perfect my craft. I’m always a perfectionist when it comes to releasing content,  so I guess you could say everything is still manifesting. I’ve been doing a lot of film work while I work on the music lowkey. I’m originally from Beacon, NY. It’s like a hour north of the city. I moved to the Bronx in September of 2013.


Where’d the spark for getting into film come from? Your videos and photography is definitely top notch – Appreciate that. I was always into photography throughout high school. Got accepted to school for it but didn’t end going. About 5-6 years ago I used to work with this director who did my music videos. Long story short we had a falling out and it pushed me and my boy Swiff to pick up a camera and start doing our own videos.

Since you’ve been doing photography what has it taught you about how you approach different photo shoots and visuals? – I’m really big on color theory when I take pictures now. So when I have a shoot I always try to find locations that will contrast nicely with my subject’s outfit or skin tone. I feel like colors can evoke certain feelings when people look at them. I’m just really adamant on the colors looking right.
What’s a usual day in the life of a Sage English shoot? – A lot of repetition and marijuana hahaha. I like having a variety of shots to work with so I tend to have artists repeat takes when it’s a film shoot.
Who have been some of your favorite artists that you’ve worked with thus? – Man I love working with up and comers that have the same creativity I do. My boy Don Rio from the Burgh. Filthtown from Massachusetts. Then there’s a few well known people that are cool to work with as well. I’m doing all of Tsu Surf visuals right now and we really see eye to eye on the creative level. YesJulz is dope as shit too, she always brings good vibes when I work with her. Wale was cool to work with last summer as well as Safaree.
How did 2015 treat you as a whole? As far as pushing your content and the type of shoots you did – 2015 was cool. Definitely learned a lot and solidified my name a bit more. To be honest 2016 is 200x better than last year and it’s only March.
What does 2016 hold for you? Any projects and visuals you can speak on? – I just dropped the XXNS // BRAVO film. Plan on following that up with the Papers video this Sunday. Outside of that SwanQo and I are back in the studio working on a project that should be coming towards the springtime.
What do you usually shoot with when it comes to various video and photo shoots, or does it range depending on the topic and location at hand? – I use mostly Canon cameras unless I wanna shoot 4K. I use the Panasonic GH4 for that.
If you had the opportunity to shoot any celebrity or artist, who would it be? – Kanye & Wiz

Are there any other photographers you’re aware of that are doing it big as of late? – My dawg @blackout.jpg is sick. Then there’s a bunch of Dudes I look up to that are well known. 13thWitness, 1st, jlroyal. I could go forever.

To wrap up, what advice would you give to young people aspiring to grow and accomplish their dreams out in the world? – Stay consistent and never let anybody tell you what you can and can’t do.

Get hip to Sage English visuals on his Vimeo and stay updated with his photos and tweets with his Twitter