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It’s not easy being the reincarnation of one of the greats; with all eyes on him he’s been nothing but loyal to the game and recently he’s felt that it’s just been him against the world. Now it’s his time to rise; in order to see better days he’s decided to make some changes and take the spotlight on his own and preach his ghetto gospel to all of his supporters. Wait… you thought I was talking about 2pac? What made you think that? No no no, I’m talking about a whole different person hahaha. Today we would like to introduce you all to the young North Carolina rapper, Ron$oCold. Recently Ron has been working harder than normally as he stated “The world is mine” as the year started off. Ron has previewed his debut project multiple times, but has only blessed us with singles as we wait out the final creating process. Today, we present you with a new single by Ron “PAC” produced by Pierre Bourne. Below you can stream this new single as well as follow Ron on his Soundcloud and Twitter pages for more news on visuals, new music and much more!