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Where to start? My time in Kentucky has been quite the experience the past two years I’ve lived there. While living there I felt the need to push my creativity to a level I never thought capable through networking and creating with other individuals in my area. By doing this I’ve honestly found a second family filled with creatives and overall amazing people. I recently met one of my very good friends, RMSVisuals, who has such a hard work ethic that it helped me work harder and be prepared for the sucsess we both hunger for, but we’ll address him as Ryan for now. Ryan has been working in photography for years and throughout his times he’s experimented with different styles, networked with all sorts of people, and created quality work that represents him as an artist and an individual. Before I left Kentucky to come back to Virginia for a couple of months I got to sit down with Ryan for a short interview on himself and his work. Honestly, you’ll probably never see his face unless you’re a close friend or on the other side of his camera lens so I figured the best way to support my family is by doing it how I know best, showcasing talent. Below you can read our short conversation as well as see some of his photos for yourself. Hope you enjoy!

Who are you?

RMS himself, Shot by Boxtography

RMS: Ryan Sharon, or RMSVisuals depending on how you know me

Where are you from?

RMS: I am from Lexington, Kentucky, I’ve lived here my whole life.

How old are you?

RMS: I’m 21, I just recently had a birthday.

What is it that you do?

RMS: I am a photographer.

How did you initially get into photography?

RMS: I’ve had a camera since I was a junior in high school, so about 5 years, I was taking pictures of random things, just for fun, my friend was making clothing and needed people to take pictures for promotion and the website and then put the camera down for a while because I was busy with school and work then recently about a year and a half ago this guy from Louisville, Carter DM’d me about taking pictures of his clothing and he would give me some product so I did it and realized that I can make something happen with this camera.

Do you have any idols or inspirations?

RMS: In photography I look up to photographers like Cam Kirk, Kivenchy, & this guy that’s actually from Lexington, cmvisuals. And I look up to Pharrell in general, I think he is the greatest person ever, with music, fashion, business, blasé blase.

How are you able to incorporate your own styles and interests in your photos?

RMS: I love music and fashion, so 99% of the time I’m taking pictures of clothes and outfits I like and music artists, video shoots, photo shoots, concert, etc.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

RMS: I have recently been hanging out at the WORK+SHOP and have found a lot more inspiration in there, it has opened my mind for more opportunities, so I have in the next few months to a year to keep growing with Mike and the team around the shop, and in the future I plan to be on tour with one or several artists taking pictures.  

What goals did you set for yourself when you started off?

RMS: I wanted to just grow as a photographer, make it, show people it is possible to do what you love and do it so well that you live off of it. I gave myself a 5 year range to grow, make connections and make a name for myself as a photographer and like I said in the last question, be on tour with artists.

Horizontal Photo Gallery

Are those goals still there?

RMS: My goals either get marked off the list or the list just keeps getting longer, I know that even though I have a time span to do something that it might not always work out according to time as long as I’m progressing I feel that I’m doing something good.

What is your favorite style of photography?

RMS: As of right now it’s hard to tell cause I do so many different things  just to learn and see what I like, recently I’ve been getting very excited about how my pictures of pieces have been turning out, like up close detailed shots of different clothing, shoes, accessories.

Do you plan on changing or experimenting in the near future?

RMS: Like I said before I am always doing something different and when I find the style I love to shoot I think I’ll know exactly when it happens, like I think right now that the first time I shoot a really good concert that I will want to stick to that forever.

Who is your dream person to work with?

RMS: I have a few, because I’m so into both fashion, music, and photography I feel like I have a person from each category, like for fashion it would be Pharrell, not only take pictures of him but also do something to incorporate my pictures or something into clothing, when it comes to music I would have wanted to work with A$AP Yams, I think he was truly ahead of his time when it comes to music and how he orchestrated the A$AP team, and In photography it would probably be Gunner Stahl, he is a great photographer and what he’s done with only a film camera is one of the best things ever, and he is very into the fashion world and we are around the same age, I think we would connect well.

What do you have planned for the rest of this year?

RMS: I feel like my plans are constantly getting moved around and re written in the process, as long as I’m moving forward and never back I think I’ll be okay, I want to keep growing as a photographer but also as a business man, I want to better myself, my mind, and just live happily everyday and hope everything comes into place with time and hard work.

Do you have any advice  for beginner photographers?

RMS: I always tell people when you start to take pictures learn your camera, know how it works and why it works like that, I learn something new about photography daily and I will continue to learn but it’s also important to know the business side if you want to take photography seriously or anything seriously, you have to know how to promote yourself, grow and connect with people.

Any words for your supporters?

RMS: I just want to thank everyone how has given me opportunities first and foremost because with out of these people I might have never started photography or kept it going this long, all support helps and makes me work harder for what I want and knowing that people know of me and have seen my work makes me so happy, the other day I was talking to a guy that I have known about through other people and social media for a long time and have been a fan of how he dresses and what he does but never talked to him and he asked me what I did and what my Instagram was, I told him RMSVisuals and he said “oh that’s you? I’ve been seeing your work for a while now” and that made my whole day.

For more info on Ryan you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to lookout for more work from him in the near future. We hope you enjoyed this interview! Below is a gallery including a selection of photos from Ryan’s personal gallery from his daily life. All photos are from 2017

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