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I’m just as much of an advocate of good music as the next guy, but we all have our preferences. To me, good music has the power to do a few things; it can affect emotions & feelings, provoke thought, enlighten, & inspire. repsaج doesn’t seem to have a problem creating conscious music. As an art form, music (no matter the genre) is likely one of the easiest and most prevalent ways to make an expression or a simple statement. Equally, the artist has complete creative control over the sound & vibe they want to convey, but there’s always a journey accompanied with the revelation to an artist’s masterwork & we know repsaج is surely trekking in the right direction.


At our first encounter, repsaج seemed very ambitious. At that point, Senclaire hadn’t been actualized but the idea was wrapped in the essence of another project I was working on at the time. We spoke about the music scene on our University’s campus; he was looking to make collaborations with other musicians— that was last year. Now, the release of his first official EP, The Road To Holly Springs is but a day away & the anticipation is still building. We aren’t completely sure of what to expect but one thing is sure, innovation & true work ethic will be recognized. I had the pleasure of getting to know the artist a bit better when we had the interview. I think repsaج is humble; he knows that music is his thing, but he isn’t going to proclaim any titles just yet. He doesn’t identify himself as a rapper but understands what it takes. Get acquainted with repsaج in the interview below & make sure to check in tomorrow for the official release of the TRTHS EP.

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Tell us about yourself, where are you from, where did you grow up?

I’m Jasper Howell or call me repsaج. I’m from Huntsville, AL and I grew up on the North side of the Ville. I attend the University of South Alabama. I played football and baseball in high school and I label rap as a hobby but it gets most of my attention.

 What is your passion?

My passion for music came from somewhere. I really don’t know where, but it is just something within me that is built for sounds and voices. 

How did you create your stage name?

repsaج is my name backwards with a Farsi J, so you pronounce it like rep-saa and my name (Jasper) is Persian which explains the Farsi roots.

What type of music do you listen to?

From Wale to Coldplay. From OG Maco to Translee. From King Louie to Kanye West.

Who is your favorite music artist?

Kendrick Lamar.

How long have you been a music artist?

I honestly believe I’ve been a true artist for a couple of months. Since I made an agreement with Entrikit Ideaz I have truly became a worker in this music stuff because at first it was just a hobby. No money, little time, and a little dedication went into it, but now money is being spent and more time is being allotted for music.

Did you always know you would be making music?

Nah never would’ve thought.

What are some messages that resonate from your music?

My music is like the world’s thought. I speak for those that are afraid to voice their opinions. 

Do you mostly enjoy creating alone or are you more inclined to collaborate with other artists?

Honestly, I am more attracted and inclined to make features than anything, but I’m working on building my voice and sound to become a better solo artist.

What do your peers & friends think about your music?

They feel it but I think their afraid to be a fan of a local. Ya know?

Are they supportive?

Some are. 

Who’s the most supportive of your music?

The most supportive I would say has to be moms. Next, it would be my boys 5DEEP and BHD.

Describe your style.

Unorthodox with Tyson power, Ali feet, and Mayweather confidence

What music artists influenced you the most?

Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson.

When do you write your rhymes? Is there a certain time or place you go to write new bars?

I usually write them anywhere; it’s funny because I write them on my phone and people never know when I write them in public. However, for some reason I come up with my best material while I’m taking a shit, so that means either one or two things. Either its trash or…

What established music artists do you look forward to collaborating with?

Any of my favorites, Zip K, Schoolboy Q, Translee.

Has you experience as a rapper been pleasant?

I’m not a true rapper. I never performed before, I don’t wear chains, I don’t have another persona. I wish I was a rapper, then I would be legit. 

If given the chance, would you sign to a major label, or remain independent?

Sign to a major. I’m a one man bandcamp. My brothers help me with stuff but they have their own lives and independent artists has a team to help them out.

What are your upcoming projects?

The Road to Holly Springs, January 17th

Darrell Finley: The EP, Date: N/A

Tell us more about that, what can the listeners expect?

TRTHS is truly a turnt EP just for my turnt audience, of course, Darrell Finley will be more musically inclined.

Are they both finished?

TRTHS is ready to ship on January 17th. Darrell Finley is being done as we speak.

What’s your favorite song from the TRTHS?

The Intro, Chiraq, and Bodie$.

Are there any collaborations on these EPs?

Some on Darrell Finley; None on TRTHS.

How will the official Darrell Finley differ from the The Road To Holly Springs?

Darrell Finley: The EP will consist of more songs and more value. TRTHS has value in it but it’s mostly remixes which is easy for me to do because its freeverse. Darrell Finley, on the other hand, is strictly original and includes more concepts. However, both of these tapes tell a compelling story which you have to listen to understand.