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Florida is filled to the brim with talent. From the tip to the border near Georgia there’s an artist, rapper, creative person out there trying to earn their spot. I sat down with Randy Santos of OG (On God) Records and talked beginnings, music, and the next step for him and his team. Sit back relax and get lost in the music while you read.

Thanks for doing this interview man, now who exactly is Randy Santos? – A young kid with a vision to make the world a better place by bringing you jiggy creative shit.

When did you first know you wanted to create music? –Music has just always been a big part of my life. My parents were always blasting music around the house and that’s what put me on to a lot of jiggy shit from Wu-Tang to Sean Paul to Alicia Keys. I first knew I wanted to create music when I first touched a microphone at like 8 years old.

What were the early months of making music like? – Early months of making music was a bunch of trial and error. When I first really started recording Odd Future was popping and that’s pretty much what I sounded like. I was just tryna find my own sound.

Through the trial and error, what did that teach you about making your mark on the track? – It taught me to just be real. Anyone can try to sound like someone else but only I can give you the most authentic representation of myself. I learned when you just let it be natural and be yourself people are gonna gravitate to it. People can see through the bullshit.

What’s the journey been like for you professionally now? – So far it’s been a wild ride and it’s only getting wilder. It’s all a learning experience though. Establishing stage presence, learning who to trust when it comes to business and separating business and friends, and slowly branding ourselves from literary nothing. And the women, man don’t even get me started on the women. But the biggest lesson I learned is that anything is possible if you really put your mind to it and really believe in yourself.

How’d you eventually find OnGod Records? – Honestly I’ve known most of the group for years now. It was just a matter of recognizing everyone’s talent and asking them to be a part of something bigger. We just had the vision. It all Started summer 2014 when our DJ, Winyan Cistina and I were looking to start a collective and the rest is history. We’re all a big family now and I wouldn’t wanna do this with any other group of people honestly.

What’s the Florida music scene like? – South Florida got the right idea. I see a lot of them coming together and really taking over. Not so much for the Central Florida scene. Everyone’s divided and distant which is sad cause there’s a lot of potential out here. It’s also cause the older niggas and the dudes before us really never gave us any game to run with. So we out here just tryna figure it out. But OG Records is trying to change all that.

What’s the origin of OG Records? – It’s actually a random story. I was on my way to do paperwork for a job that I just got and I called Localegend. When he picked up the phone he said “On God Records Baby talk to me”. Then I asked him to repeat it. He said it again and I looked at Michael (Winyan Cistina) and said “that’s it That’s the name”. Then we expanded the team and added French, Doza, and A1.

How do you all continue to push each other musically and with the moves the entire group makes? – Like I said we’re a family so we all feed off of each other’s energy. We all inspire each other and have a sort of sibling rivalry. It’s like every single day we try to come up with a way to outdo each other, if someone makes some jiggy shit it’s gonna inspire me to make something 10 times better. And we all look out for each other. Even though they all drive me crazy and I hate these motherfuckers, I can say that if it wasn’t for them I don’t know how I would manage sometimes.

(Left to right) Randy, French, Doza, and Bernz

What have been some highs and lows of your music career thus far? No More Kissimmee Functions is a great track in your arsenal – Thank you. I was really spitting facts on that shit. Highs would be opening up for 21 Savage, performing in California, and our events like Bag Me Fest and our Valentines Day Party. Haven’t really been many lows beside a fucked up management situation. Anything besides that we’re more personal issues.

What’s your approach to creating a song in the studio? – My songwriting process is pretty quick. I can write songs like nothing. My biggest thing is the vibe, I want you to feel something. I’m really picky on my beat selection so I just go through beats until I find the one that just feels right. After that the song kinda just makes itself.

How has the reception with your music been from your family and friends? – My family and friends are very supportive and they’ve become real fans of the music. My parents definitely. They’ve been pretty involved with it as well they try to make it to all the shows and all the events they can. I’m thankful for them and glad everyone is so supportive of me.

What does 2017 have in store for Randy of OG Records? – Growth. It’s time to take it to the next level. We’ve got a few different projects in the works. We’re still in the early stages but is gonna be worth the wait. Expect a lot of new music. You guys might get the OG Tape this year and music from my brother Localegend and the rest of the team. It’s gonna be a good year.

(Left to right) Destiny, Localegend, Bernz, French in the back, and Randy

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