Florida is the new wave. It’s big enough for specific cities to have their own motives and operations you’d be silly not to see what the entire State has cooking. The latest example is Raely, he’s here for the good times rolling, wavy music, and taking everything he’s doing to the next level. INCLUDING HIS NEW MUSIC IN THIS VERY INTERVIEW!

Thanks for sitting down with me Raely! Now, to get into it what’s your origin story? Who is Raely to the larger Internet? – Raely is a lyfestyla. I don’t put no names to what I do bc I bounce around….I could be in the studio gunning for a grammy one day then the next curating an event I might not even attend. I do visual art here & there…that seems to be what lots know me for, but if not its the music. For now though I can gladly I’m a musician.

How’d you get your start in doing visual art and music? – they both came at the same time I would say…when I was in the 3rd grade I made some friends that were into the same things I was which was anime. We all would meet up in the morning and share the Manga drawings we worked on the night before, that same 3rd grade year one of the my friends tried to tell me I wasn’t bilingual…so to prove him wrong I came back the next day with an entire 16 written in another language…that verse was the start of it all.

How have you progressed in both fields? Art and Music? – well with art I had taken a very big hiatus from it for years on end just due to my interests being in other fields like music & clothing for a slick couple years I was just bouncing back & forth between clothing and music…but the way I progressed in visual art was sitting down and just doing it…for the first 2 years I was having so much fun with it that I didnt even realize i was progressing…tbh it wasn’t until a couple months ago I sat back and looked at my work like “wow, I’m fyee now” . the same way I progressed with art was with music..but I still feel like I have a long way to go till i’ve reached where I want to be, skill wise.

 Where are you located and does your surrounding area have any resemblance of an “art scene?” – Currently located in Orlando, but the scene is pretty active out here…Florida as a whole is coming up though central/south Florida really killin shit. Not saying I agree with the sound they’re cultivating but I fuck with the energy.
Do you see or get any love from your locals or more so in other states outside of Florida? – Seeing as I kinda just started taking this music shit serious and just moved to this city I didn’t really expect much love from locals. But since my last few drops and couple shows I did here and there I get people coming up to me at the AMPM events we throw and shit, usually like a “Are you Raely from ___?” And they’d either reference something from my art or music haha but I do get random love from outta state areas, for example…my single “Sum Mo” was getting most of its plays from Russia the first week hahaha

In what way would you classify your music and art? What type of message and vibe are you trying to get across with everything that you’re putting out? – My art I would say is abstract but still street inspired, like a dirty grunge look comes from my experiences in the city, my music I would say is just a vibe. Something you’d have to juss here for yourself to put a name on. But I try to get a set feeling with everything I put out. Dark, mysterious, & pretty.

 Do you have any inspirations when you’re creating your next piece or getting your new music together? – As far as inspiration most of that comes from within. Not many people these days are doing enough to inspire me personally, lots of cool shit going on around me though. I would say takashi Murikami & KAWS are inspirations, as far as my art not to many after that. As far as my music I would say the few inspirations I have are mainly carribean tunes I listened to growing up, DJ Spice had really cool mixes..prince is another one, but that’s more persona than anything. But my head flies over early hip hop, I don’t take much interest in it as much as I take interest in curtis mayfield or Cashmere cat.

Normally people would rip others heads off for not paying tribute and getting down early hip-hop. How impactful do you feel the old age is on the new age of music? – There’s still a group who live in nostalgia and stick with those early influences but one thing I do see a lot with my generation of musicians is our godfathers aren’t the typical Pac, biggie, jay, and Nas, we’re at the point now where our godfathers are Ye,Wayne & Em…Lil B to an extent also. Without those names I mentioned, modern day rap would sound completely different. I’m more than confident in my music knowledge & songwriting skill, so people coming at me for not favoring “golden Age” hip hop isn’t anything new.

What were some of your first gigs of showcasing your art and music like? – First few gigs were real grungy, breath panting…and sweaty. I love’d them. Last bigger show I did was with retro neon x Pollari back in june. Real lit. I got to premiere the “Flex On’Em” remix ft. me by my boy iceyboykane…brought out AMPM’s lil rockstar aswell, free that nigga. shit was some real energy, hit the encore and all. AMPM & Retro Neon have some cooler shit in the future planned though just keep ya eyes peeled.

Over time would you say you and those around you carved a lane for yourself down in Florida? – Mos definitely. Florida as a whole really came up with its own NEW sound. thanx to people like Purpp and Kodak it helped separate but push the culture forward. Florida will be the next hotspot, and I hope to contribute to that.

What’s going through your head when you’re in the studio creating another tune? – Literally a million things at once, I still have yet to overcome that. I get so overwhelmed with ideas for one project that it feels like an overload and I just end up calling it off for the day and returning to it later.

 What would you tell to other artists to not get overwhelmed with their work? I can tell it gets stressful for people when they create – my best piece of advice is just take a breather from it all, express yaself through different outlets and come back when comfortable. thats what I do at least, either that or i stay on it for months on end until I get the feel right. recreating a feeling is one of the most natural & difficult things an artist gets into.


To wrap up, what would you tell aspiring creatives out there making the dreams they are plotting out happen? – Juss do tha shit till you feel the feeling go away. Then approach another field, don’t wanna make weak shit for the sake of not wanting to let go