With the exciting release (& premier by The FADER) of her EP SOMETHINGMISSING, PLANES is poised to make the most of this year & her talent in music. SOMETHINGMISSING is a representation of the artist’s yearn to “complete the puzzle” so to speak. Through 7 tracks, PLANES takes the listener on a cosmic journey. It is most reminiscent of 70’s/80’s synth-pop with a relaxing, euphoric twist. Guest features include Quavius Black, Heart of Troy, IRBYY, & Shea. Their lyrics & vocals couldn’t have been a better match for PLANES’ progressive style of production. SOMETHINGMISSING is a great meditative, relaxing work to unwind to. I caught up with the artist to get a better sense of her style & plans for the near future. Like & share the EP on Soundcloud, give a follow. You won’t be disappointed.



When did you discover your knack for music? I was always one of those people who loved and admired musicians, even as a kid. I secretly wanted to pursue music in some way, but it took me a while to really find my own sound and confidence. I dabbled in rap for years while I was younger, but I struggled with being a rapper because I could never articulate the sound I was going for to producers. Because of that obstacle, it led me to learning how to produce about 3,4 years ago. I’d say really, within the last 2 years is when I realized, “Okay, I’m getting pretty good at this.” Lol. I’m 24 now.

Is Las Vegas a big influence on your sound? How is the music scene there? 
Honestly, I’m relatively new to Vegas. I’ve been here for about 2 years now but there are many artists here that have grown up together. I commend them on uplifting each other. Vegas has a lot of diverse artists. With that being said, I’ve lived in many different cities and I can’t really attribute my sound to one city, but I will say spending 6 years of my life in Mississippi built the foundation for me to become the artist that I am today.

What does SOMETHINGMISSING embody? With SOMETHINGMISSING, unhappiness was used as an impetus to create the music but to also find a silver lining. It’s all about knowing we are truly the masters of our happiness and our fate is in our hands. I feel like everyone has a point where they feel like something’s missing, but we have the power to go after what we want in life and find what truly makes us happy. This project literally filled that void for me. Many of the songs are upbeat because I started to feel more and more optimistic, the more I worked on the project.

How did the project come about? When did you start the 1st song? SOMETHINGMISSING was purely conceived out of my depression and existential crisis. I created the tracks to literally make me feel better. Some people have their vices and coping mechanisms when it comes to dealing with their pain. Music has helped me through the hardest times in my life. I got to a point where I felt like there was literally “something missing.” I felt unfulfilled. I started the first song back in March of this year so just a few months ago!

What did you like most about creating it? I honestly liked feeling like I was working towards something I was genuinely passionate about. I’m a typical 9-5er – This project was my escape.

How did it feel to get a follow from E-40? Yo… It was crazy. At first, I thought it was just a spontaneous following that celebs sometimes do, but I ended up getting a DM from E-40 and a follow from the FADER like minutes later. He had heard one of my tracks I posted on Twitter somehow, and was interested in my work!

Were you surprised by the premiere with The FADER? You know, when I first started working on this project, I had a few blogs in mind that I wanted to pitch the EP to. Of course, FADER was one of them but I knew it was gonna be tough. E-40 actually reached out to the FADER to have them link us, and because of that interaction, the FADER staff became interested in my music and I am so grateful. They’ve been really nice and supportive.

How do you describe your sound? How does it make you feel? I would describe my sound as “electrofunk” Lol. I love synths and funky bass lines. I’m really big on music from the 70’s and 80’s. I like making tracks that sound otherworldly and ethereal so it can give the listener a chance to just close their eyes and float away. My music feels euphoric, in a nutshell.

Which genre of music do you listen to most frequently? I love chillwave. That’s my favorite for sure, but I definitely listen to a little bit of everything!

Did you have any struggles during the process or creating SOMETHINGMISSING? Most of my artists were out of state so sometimes that can create an off balance in the chemistry. I had ideas for the tracks in my head, but it can be daunting to get the artist to be on the same page when they are not physically present. Sending demo tracks helped tremendously, but I knew I wanted them to really showcase their own songwriting abilities and have fun with the track and every single on them killed it! Another struggle I had was when the headphone jack on my Mac decided to go out like 4 days before the EP release. I was so stressed because I still had some last minute mixing to do but I found a temporary fix and was able to get the EP out on time.

Do you play any instruments? I dabble. I play keys by ear. I took guitar, violin and drum lessons when I was younger but I think the only one I actually retained out of those would be drums, although it’s been a while. Taking those lessons definitely set the foundation for me to become a beat maker.

Is this the beginning of a new career path or just a hobby? I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I will say I feel extremely optimistic about what I have going on with my music and I’m just going to see where it takes me. The love I’ve been getting as of lately means a lot to me and really motivates me to go even harder with my music.

Did you expect to gain media attention this early? No, not at all. Lol. It’s common for me to feel invisible so the fact I caught the attention of E-40 and FADER was wild to me.

How did you connect with some of the artists on this project? 
They’re actually all good friends. I met them either through college, mutual friends or through work! I love that my first project featured artists I knew personally.

Which artists are you eager to work with? Who do you think will compliment your style the best? A huge goal of mine is to work with Kid Cudi. I am a huge fan and seriously respect him as an artist! I think we’d mesh well, musically and on a personal level!

Which song from the EP means the most to you? They all mean a lot to me but I’d say “Swim in the Dark” really jumpstarted everything as far as the EP goes. That was the first beat I made! That beat is solemn but the song is so romantic and it really embodies both my sadness and yearning for love. It’s perfect.

Are you okay with fame? Does the idea of being idolized haunt you or is it a benefit? I struggle with this question a bit. Having notoriety to be able to inspire others and make some real changes is a huge advantage of fame. On the contrary, it makes me a little uneasy. I’m a very low-key kind of person that deals with anxiety so the idea of fame can be overwhelming. I think there are pros and cons.

What are your biggest influences? I’m not sure. I think because I’m an emotional person, I make everything based off of different life experiences. My tracks emulate whatever mood I’m in at the time I make them. “Swim in the Dark” was made literally while I was lonely and I think you can tell. Lol.

How has your production changed over there years? Do you think you’ve found “your sound” or not quite? I can say I’ve definitely found my sound and I’m proud to say that. It can take many artists a very long time to figure it out. The beats I used to make were kind of repetitive and minimal and they didn’t really have a lot of dimension, I guess. Now I focus on incorporating nuances in my production that people may or may not be able to hear but I really like adding those layers.

Do you produce a lot for other artists? Who do you think utilizes your beats the best? Honestly, no. It’s not even that I’m opposed to it, I was just so busy making music for myself as an outlet that I wasn’t really focused on making music for others. I’m definitely open to producing for other artists at this point, though. I’ve actually started on some tracks for a some really dope artists, recently.

Making beats has become a crowded lane, how do you set yourself apart? I agree it has become a crowded lane. Sometimes, I’ll purposely go a few days without listening to any music. That way, when I start working on a new track, my mind is completely clear and I’m able to construct a beat without any outside influences – it’s solely based off sounds I hear in my head. I think this method helps me a lot because it allows me to create unique sounds. I also really love the fact that I’m a female producer, which is something you don’t really hear about much these days! I want to show that women can do this shit too and we’re capable of being just as dope or even better than our male counterparts.

What’s your overall vision? Are you branding yourself, image, concepts? Long term, I’d love to produce for a few of my favorite artists and maybe do a tour that incorporates a live band and some really cool visual elements. I started out making music for myself, and I think I still am, in a sense, but being able to inspire some folks and collab with some great artists down the line doesn’t sound too bad either. I think my aesthetic is very vintage and reminiscent of the 80’s and my future videos/artwork will all carry that theme. I think the music and the visual aspect should be very cohesive and I’m very strategic when it comes to that.

Are you a spiritual person? How much of your success do you attribute to God or your faith? Yeah, I’d say I’m spiritual. I come from an interesting family dynamic – an agnostic mother, a Baptist father, an atheist brother, and another brother I’m unsure about. I’ve been through so much in life. When I was younger, I lost my faith for a while. I was going through so many obstacles, I got to the point where I thought, “God can’t possibly love me.” As much as I tried to convince myself that this was true, I knew deep down that it wasn’t. I moved away from God for a while, but now that I’m older — I realize that God was working THEN and God is definitely working NOW. God really hasn’t given me anything I couldn’t handle in life and I see it. I used to focus on what I didn’t have all of the time. I’d get down on myself for not being the prettiest or having the most money….Basically, dumb shit that really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. I had to look at what I DO actually have: resilience, kindness, a loving family/friends, good health, talent, intelligence, a roof over my head, a job, a car, etc. – that’s when I woke up.

How do you friends describe you? My friends would describe me as “loving” I think. I put so much love into everything I do.. whether it be music or just my relationships with others in general. Love is a big thing in my life. You gotta show love, especially in the world today. It’s hard out here. I just want to look out for my people at all costs.