Welcome back to Senclaire SportsCenter, I’m your host Norrin®️ here with the highlights from 2oo4’s MVP of the game Papo Johnson and his new project “BALLER OF THE CENTURY.” Papo comes out of the game with 24 tracks including 6 freestyles, 2 songs with Richard2oo4 and Ouee2Times, and 2 unreleased songs from 2015. 2oo4 takes another win for the 2017 season.

Papo Johnson is really giving y’all the work this year. Just 3 months after his most recent drop AF1MG LIVE 2oo4” with 2oo4 producer Subjxct2oo4, Papo comes back out of the gates with almost twice the amount of music he presented last time. If that doesn’t sound like hard work you must be confused about what the term means. This isn’t just some bunch up random project either, Papo is a true architect when it comes to creating these projects because they’re not just “projects.” They tell stories and show a perspective many wish that they could live, but they can’t. Once again, another member of the all-star family 2oo4 come forward and show how much they’re truly worth.

You can stream the play by-play for BALLER OF THE CENTURY above or on Papo Johnson’s Soundcloud. Be sure to give Papo and the rest of 2oo4 a follow on Twitter for more news and updates on new music and visuals. Also be on the lookout for multiple new projects coming out of the collective’s vault sometime soon. This is Norrin®️ with Senclaire SportsCenter, signing off.