It’s been exactly one year since I talked to Mr. Curbside Jones, what better way to commemorate the anniversary interview with another one to see how the past 365 have treated him!  

This is Senclaire: One Year Later

Nice to have you back here Curb! – Thanks for having me bro.

How’s the year treated you since the last time we spoke? – The year has treated me well despite how extra everything has been. I’ve been traveling, got engaged, made some cool songs and got a promotion. I’ve been trying to do a lot of behind the scenes stuff and make some new connections so I can get work outside of Austin to help further my brand. It seems people outside of Austin get it and that’s really cool.
How has your music progressed since Digital Boogie Man? – Since DBM my music has been kinda all over the place. I took a break from projects and focused on loose tracks with concepts behind them. 2 of the loose tracks I dropped turned into an EP called “Don’t Forget To Smile :3”. The EP is designed to help black people remember that things can look bad but you gotta keep pushing, it features my austin homies Jake Lloyd and Dre Prince. My production has progressed some, my mixing has been consistent, and my writing has been more formulaic. I think DBM was a good science project and helped me think outside of what I’m comfortable with as far as sounds. I’ve been trying to add in elements of DBM in my style to build a better foundation.
How is the man behind the music keeping up with this insane year? – 2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. I’ve laughed, cried, and been left speechless for most of the year. Hella black people got killed by the police this year, an internet troll became president, persona 5 dropped in Japan but not America…then got delayed again, Pokémon sun and moon dropped, final fantasy XV is the ultimate bro experience, a lot of great hip hop and R&B albums dropped, and the internet made memes faster than ever before. There were times when I had to just leave the internet and say, “ok I’m done for a while.” Sometimes I just check out and play video games or watch anime. My job is traumatic so keeping up with all the negativity in the news is bad for my mental health. Self care was the theme for 2016 and beyond.
Any major milestone or landmark moments that happened for you this year? – I guess the most major thing to happen in 2016 was making a song my fiancé could dance to and listen to frequently. She loves “Younyte” and has used it as the background music on her YouTube channel along with “Heart//Drive” from Digital Boogie Man. I know that may seem like a small victory but I’m out here battling with Beyoncé for attention.
What’s on the horizon for 2017? – In 2017 I’ll be traveling, planning this wedding for August, working on some videos, and releasing some short EPs…well that’s if I want to continue making music. I’ve already started the EPs so it would be a shame to not put them out.
Any lasting words for the good people out on the Internet? – People need to take more naps in 2017 and love those who love them.
You can find Digital Boogie Man and the rest of Curbside’s discography on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Curb himself on Twitter