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A dynamic duo is the best way to describe the creators of this captivating brand. Brothers Salim and Malik Osei-Frimpong grew up in the Cypress, Houston area and about a year ago they decided to pursue their mutual love of fashion by creating their brand—their baby. Make no mistake, 90ms isn’t a brand that came into the making out of boredom. Every detail that could be decided upon was meticulously done so. There is a rhyme and reason to every thread of embroidery on their merchandise.

Being from a huge city full of innovators like Houston, they understood how important it was to create and create well. By creating well I mean knowing where you want to go, what you want to portray, who your audience is, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. From what I’ve seen in the 90ms brand as a whole, Salim and Malik are definitely on the right track. They started out first by making hats because when they decided 90ms was going to be a real thing no one in the game was already making them. They chartered upon new territory and preferred it that way, at least in the beginning. Currently, they’re working on a new hoodie and their transition into clothing. Their goal for 90ms is to portray their “best take on high end fashion but through a street-wear outlet”. Basically they want to represent the best of both worlds and appeal to a larger base.


Why 90ms?

“We needed something small enough so that we could put our ‘stamp’ on every hat, providing easy recognition.”

Although they’re transitioning into clothing, their stamp will remain the same. The 90ms with X’s underneath is their recognition across Houston and beyond. Now I’m going to explain the logo just as Salim explained it to me:

1. 90 came from the decade him and his brother were born in.

2. MS represent the first letters of their names

Hence, 90ms…


3. The X’s are meant to represent the start and end date, like you’d see on a tombstone

From 1993-2089 or xxxx-xxxx, meaning a timeless or forever lasting brand.

Their merchandise can be bought on their website the90ms.com! Thankfully, they also have a Twitter and an Instagram @the90ms in order to keep up with the moves they make, courtesy of their behind the scenes man, Calvin.




I highly encourage everyone who reads this to check out their merchandise. It’s the next thing that’s really going to pop off in 2015. And I wouldn’t be surprised if cities other than Houston got with 90ms as well.

Enjoy, you guys!