Earlier this year article I did a #STOPSLEEPING article on BigBabyGucci & GRiMM Doza’s The GRiMM Adventures of BigBabyGucci, while doing my research on these two artists I came across BBG’s label, 1500 Records, where I found NellMoney. Hailing from the DC/Maryland area the young rapper lays his somewhat monotone voice over beats you honestly wouldn’t think would work out in the flows favor, a main reason why Nell caught my attention over these past couple of months. I got the chance to talk to Nell just recently after he dropped his newest single for his debut mixtape Teenage Money. You can listen to the song “Drip Drop” below before getting into the interview.

Who are you?

Nell: I’m the one and only NellMoney

What do you do?

Nell: I’m a recording artist from the dmv area basically a rapper or whatever you wanna call it

How long have you been rapping and recording?

Nell: i been recording music since 2012 for like 2 months i stopped then started again in april 2014 where i actually started putting them out when i came home from jail, but right after that i got locked up again and didnt start again till December but where i started taking it more serious

The man NellMoney himself

Growing up in the DMV is there a lot of distractions keeping you from staying on rap shit?

Nell: i mean not really only thing keeping me from rappin /staying on my shit is money, im mostly to busy going and get it but at the same time i stay on my shit trying to make music time to time, couple times im to caught up wit business to even touch the mic when i got it , rap aint giving me money right now im not doing shows & im damn sure not gonna be out here broke as shit

Does the DMV’S music scene help out rappers like yourself at all? or do you find yourself having to do it all on your own?

Nell: brah frfr i aint worried bout these other niggas they do they shit i do mine i mean yea i listen to a couple of em but i dont jump to these niggas asking for help cause they aint gonna fw niggas cause im a whole different style from em but u know how shit go minute u blow up everyone want a feature to be put on

How did you first get into rapping?

Nell: i got into rappin from when i was young all id watch was 106 and park when it came on and id try freestyling then i stopped and later on would just listen to a whole bunch of shit then 8th grad to 9th id just listen to a whole buncha gucci and soulja boy & a couple lil b then i heard 2 chainz spend it and was like hold up lmao i wanna rap then i did a old ass song called the life , that shit was hella weird and its a couple homies that still listen till today, then after i came home my homie started putting me onto underground and was like remember back in 2011 2012 ASAP was underground then they came big like GBE and all em niggas so he started puttin me on to more like key, father robb banks and all of em and was like bruh get on a track im like idk bruh lmao then i finally did this shit and was good wit it too

Do you have some rap top 5 influences? Or influences in general?

Nell: alotta mainstream niggas like rickross jayz gucci djpaul in that category but off 5 would be kodak sosa lil reese yung gleesh & rocky

When you first started rapping did you ever think you’d be taking it as serious as you are now?

Nell: when i first started i was like yea ima take it serious but now im 10x more serious when I noticed how iam with it like what other nigga out here like me none so i need to spread my words out and leave a legacy behind when i retire

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Nell: next fee years hopefully im bigger than i am now aint worried bout shit eating with my 1500 niggas out LA in a nice condo filled wit bad bitches and my moms driving a couple exclusives

For those who don’t already know what is 1500?

Nell: 1500 is a collective thats soon to turn to a record label in the future we have alot of artist and producers in almost every region you can think off , there isnt anyone in 1500 thats sounds the same this is a very versatile group

How did you all get together?

Nell: well me and BigBabyGucci link over the internet a girl put me onto him and was like fw her friend he makes music then he told me about how he wanna start a collective then he came up wit the name we were the first 2 people in then he started adding a couple homies that have the same vision as us and that means to work hard release and eat

What states do some of the 1500 Artists hail from?

Nell: North Carolina texas south carolina maryland vancouver ATL and Louisiana and a couple others

Should we expect a team collab some time soon?

Nell: possibly soon you’ll see a full 1500 tape drop who knows

Is there any new music planned for the future we should know about?

Nell: im planning to drop a tape soon probably this week i might drop keep coming 2 who knows

Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

Nell: man stay humble never give up on your dreams and never have your self broke out here cause opportunities might come where u gotta fly your self out and being broke gonna have u stuck being local forever

You can follow Nell on his Twitter & Soundcloud to keep in touch with new releases, and make sure to be on the lookout Teenage Money!