Nabil Elderkin is a Director/Photographer raised in Australia, currently living in Los Angeles. He has created visuals on a variety of media platforms from magazine editorials, to artist branding, and recently Sza’s eerie video for her track Love Galore.

After spending hours and becoming hypnotically allured to Nabil’s projects throughout his progression of constructing visuals; I’ve come to realize that he is an insanely humble intellect when it comes to the use of visual rhetoric.

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Frank Ocean

Shot by Nabil

Frank’s Pyramids, James Blake’s Overgrown, Vince Staples’ Prima Donna, and Kendrick’s DNA are just a few of the music videos Nabil has directed, just to warm the eyes up to some of his projects.

Sza has expressed her interests in film not only in an earlier interview with Complex, but through her intricate visual projects like her video for Babylon, which she directed, as well as Teen Spirit

It may be easy to simply view Sza’s Love Galore as a visual narrative laced with mesmeric deviousness and brutal revenge; however, I think that would discount the potency and details of how the video is laced together. To simply boil down the video to a brutal craving for revenge does not coincide or give enough credit to how she expresses her ideas throughout the track.

Of course with any stomach turning memory of someone you still love, there will always be slivers of envy. The contradiction of still craving someone that has hurt you tends to drive even the calmest of hearts irate.

Sza goes from tracing Travis Scott‘s frame with wandering hands to sealing his fate all within the span of four minutes and forty four seconds. Her glazed eyes and melted gestures open the video while monarchs teasingly flutter around Sza’s golden skin and pillowy pigtails. Her lyrics illustrate an infatuation when it comes to handing these boys cold glares and getting her reprisal indefinitely. Sza’s intuitive understanding of movement in relation to sound is tremendously apparent as her hand and body gestures under the sprinkle of butterflies coincide perfectly with her clear voice. Not to mention at every show she exhibits an incredible control of her body when performing tracks like Hiijack.

“Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me, why you bother me when you know you got a woman, why you hit me when you know you know better, you know you know better.”

Nabil’s use of light in each frame as well as his close ups of Sza’s face demand my attention as she goes from staring into the camera, to Travis’ hidden and timid face.

Travis Scott seems stagnant as he portrays this sort of sunken stillness, appearing gentle and calm throughout the first part of the video. Separate from simply being Sza’s toy, it’s clear that Travis faces the same contradictions in relation to affection when it comes to his verses as they progress.

Last time I checked you were the one that left, me in a wreck, me in a mess. You all I rep, like my side I rep

In congruence with the tattoo of a monarch on Sza’s left shoulder and the symbolic reappearance of a single monarch later in the video, I can’t help but to think that to some degree they are there to watch after her, to teach her.

 In an interview with Pharrell Sza explained the exhaustion that comes with attempting to convey meaning and symbolic reason within her art. Sza explained rather that she’s done speaking in metaphors and hiding behind reverb, there is no more tip toeing with her upcoming project.

CTRL is explained to be raw, ruthless and self-explanatory.

Much like the visuals for Love Galore.

Sza recently announced she’s has signed a record deal with RCA Records, which is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment. With her now being signed both TDE and RCA the creative possibilities are endless.

Produced by ThankGod4Cody and Sza’s bassist Carter Lang, Love Galore is such a distinct body of work that has crept out of 2017, cinematically and lyrically.

Though I don’t want to place fresh projects into hierarchies, Sza is continuing to show she is a force to be reckoned with no matter what medium of art she chooses to entice.

From her intricate visuals to her sultry verse in the outro, it’s clear Sza is not playing games…

Just ask Travis.

Watch the video for Love Galore video here.