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“I’m Sorry” -An apology letter from me to my vagina

All that talking and game spitting.
That fake finessing.
The loads of messages.
Game prepping.
Now I’m laying here like a corpse
You’re supposed to play with the clit as if you’re a master dj letting your fingers and tongue move smoothly having rhythm and a melody
but no you’re abrading it as if it’s a damn lottery ticket and your trying to scratch the numbers away
Slurping me up like a meal as if you’re actually putting work in
This shit isn’t supposed to hurt me….
Oh my dear punani I’m extremely sorry for the mistreatment you’re receiving you deserve better.
Here I am writing this apology letter
I’m sorry for wasting so much time removing every inch of your clothes
Just for you to get tongue down foolishy by a boy with no comprehension of the female anatomy
Oh my sweet pink fortress with your rich nectar
I’m sorry that he didn’t extract every rose petal off gently
He didn’t kiss your lips passionately
He didn’t allow your river to run freely
He didn’t dip into your horizon
Oh my dear pound cake I’m so sorry
He missed the most important step in the recipe
To make it all heavenly
With all the ingredients In front of him he’s still couldn’t bake the cake
Does he even count as a body….What a huge mistake
Oh my dear crack of heaven
I apologize a million times
Maybe one day we’ll find our Prince Charming

Sincerely- your very sorry owner