mitchy addams

Who gave you your first camera (why did they give you that gift, how close are you with that person & how have they helped you? An old time mentor gave me my first Canon AE-1 35mm which had long had my interest, although we were never too close. Something of a very strict business type of relationship, just knowledge to be passed down more so and nothing less, but a very caring soul he was. Wherever he may be, god bless him for that gift.

Who inspires you most in photography? How did you come across them & what do you like most about there style? I’m very much so inspired by all factors of photography in regards to multiple artists, for instance for his clean, clarified focus and then the more more hazier, grainy natures of that eclectic style such as or honestly. What I value most is how they effortlessly captivate a moment far beyond what the naked eye captivates in a simple glance, like a daydream or or cinematic moment brought to life through creation of art to last a lifetime. It’s impactful to me, really.

What is the most important part of photography? The most important part of photography in my perspective is the natural sense of being able to create an everlasting memory that’ll last until the end of days regardless of who sees it.

When is the best season to shoot? When is the best time of day to shoot for you? I feel any season or time of day for that matter can be used to my advantage, because if the vision in mind is clear as to what I’m trying to portray or if I have to adapt, it’s not that difficult at times to work around lighting or weather in regards to shooting in different surroundings. If I had to choose though, autumn during the golden hour is the best timing.

Where do you think you’d be without photography? I wholeheartedly know if I weren’t photographing in life I would be elsewhere investing this passion and creative energy into anything I put my head to in the world of the arts. It’s in my blood to create.

Why is photography an important creative art? In my perspective, photography within itself is important to grasp onto, especially being in such a digital age as we experience day in and day out, because it’s no longer an era in which those magical moments happen and you have your memory alone to try and store that type of intoxicating moment in time. It’s more advanced, more in tune with exactly how you want to portray it to be or even how you remember imagining it or indulging that memory past, you can make it last forever and to those who can relate, it impacts deeply which is humbling to know you can touch people’s hearts or minds across all corners of the world.

Art is therapeutic in countless forms to billions of souls long deceased and currently splattering paint on a white canvas or sculpting or capturing as we speak. It’s the cure that has been effortlessly known to mend wounds far unlike what any other remedy can amount to in my eyes. It’s the light that leads those in the dark back to surface when all else is crumbling around them or inside of them. At least I know it did for me. It was the hope that never left me at a loss of all interest to give up moving forward. You grow through it, it’s inevitable when you invest your heart, mind and soul into something [artistic] and it slowly, but surely blossoms into what you felt would never come to, art is the light of day.

How has your life changed because of your camera? As soon as I realized I had a certain embodiment of power and influence through creation of visuals, life was never quite the same, at least through the way I saw things. Life became a visual playground as I began watch it unfold all the corners, angles and lighting throughout itself, but of course even the people, social crowds and vibes of all walks of life—it all could be captured to tell a story, or even shroud a moment in mystery for those to wander their minds and open up those doors as to what could’ve been happening in that moment captured. Since I first looked through my camera and snapped that shutter, I knew what was meant for me from the jump.