You really should listen to Miles Lanier. I’m not gonna give you a reason cause I don’t know your life, but it’s truly in your best interest. Miles is an ATL based singer who I think we’re gonna see/speak of in the future, regardless of your choice in the matter. Today, we chopped it up about his inspiration, the current state of Atlanta music, Plewto Smith, and WWF. Relax, and take notes.

Who is Miles Lanier?

To simplify it, an eater of chicken and artist of many forms.

I’ve been following since you were known as Plewto Smith. What prompted the name change?

I started the Plewto Smith persona when I was 16. I’m 23 now and will be 24 next month. In 8 years I’m not who I was when I was 16 anymore. That whole Plewto Smith moniker was created to deal with certain insecurities, and now that I’m more accepting of those flaws and down to be me 100% of the way I don’t need to be Plewto Smith anymore. Miles is my real name. Lanier’s my brother’s middle name, and he’s cool as fuck, so I said lemme roll with that.Who knows? Plewto Smith may return one day, but right now it’s not reflective of where I am in life right now.


You can definitely hear the growth. Being unapologetic yourself. Comfort in your own abilities.

Thanks mayne, took a grip. It’s really really hard, but it’s all a process in making me better artistically and personally.

Don’t mention it, I feel you bruh. Describe your role and the vision behind Sumthin ATL. I love what you guys are bringing to the table.

That’s love… This is a bulky question. We’ll I’m the co-founder, talent coordinator, and primary director of promotions for #SUMTHINATL. Myself and George F. Baker III decided to mostly to do a show back in November of last year just for the fuck of it really. On some “Why not” shit, lol. Even origin of the name had that attitude. Luckily we have a lot of friends that in my unbiased opinion make really good music, so the majority of the people on the first show were homies of ours. With time though we realized we weren’t enjoying most local shows in Atlanta, so we decided to continue the spin we created from the first show for our future shows and invented a formula and energy that I feel is difficult to replicate. In Atlanta, it is. We’re kinda on our own island.

Yeah, you definitely have a 1 of 1 vibe with it. I gotta cover a set in the near future fersure. It’s truly a beautiful alternative from what you normally see in Atlanta. Give me some of your inspirations for “The Low-Fye Demo”.

I think it’s my most uninspired work honestly. That project is primarily me learning how to put together records alone, from me producing it to recording it. Most of the songs are about my friends issues. They’ll remain nameless. Sonically I was listening to a lot of late 80s & 90s R&B… and trap music… and Alexandria. Love her music. It’s more of a sample of what’s to come in the future.

Given that background, I see what you mean, but, songs like “friendly” and “tinder” really strike a chord. Alexandria is truly lovely. Which segways into, who do you consider your influences?

Hahahahahaha. Tinder? Wowzers. lol. Friendly’s more me based. I’ve definitely been the narrator on more than one occasion. Alexandria’s great though. Like I’m a fan fan of her. Folks be afraid to be fans of their peers, but fuck that. She’s really good. Do you mean current influences or just period?

Lmaooo I’ve had some beautiful and terrible escapades on tinder, honestly , but yeah friendly is top 5 miles frfr, and, yeah i think it’s corny for people to be too cool to be a fan. Current influences, period , either or.

Shit, there are so many influences of mine. Musically? Bobby Brown, Pharcyde, Alice in Chains, B2K, Green Day. I love 21 Savage, Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse are lovely, Grizzly Bear and Coldplay is great. Too many to name so I’ll just stop there. Beyond that life inspires me. I’ve always been one to create off of my feelings. More of a refuge from my twisted and fucked up mind.

You have a wide range of taste. I can truly appreciate that. It’s refreshing in an age of wannabe purists. I always hear the sincerity in your music. Like there’s never someone you’re trying to be like. I think anyone can relate to the vulnerability of songs like freckle girl. What’s the worst curve you ever received?

Sheesh. Shout out to Freckle Girl. She cool people. Worst curve ever? Too many in my lifetime to narrow it down to one. No flex. Shit I’ve unintentionally curved some beautiful girls in my day not realizing they were flirting with me. lol. You gotta just tell me you like me or wanna get in my pants for me to catch on. lol.

Lmaoooo same bruh. You know with girls you’d think it’d be easy enough to get that desired attention from whatever counterpart she wants. Have you ever had your heart broken?

Plenty of times. Romantically and personally. My first REAL “I can’t eat and sleep comfortable cause it hurts that bad heartbreak happened” heartbreak was when I was 15. I was in unrequited puppy love. Most recent one was last year. I have a bad habit of falling in love with the idea of love way too much. I’m easy to break, but even easier to rebuild.

I wholeheartedly agree. I think it’s easy for us, as men to fall in love with the idea of a beautiful human being without truly being cared for? Or even having compatibility for that matter?

Sigh. Life story. lol.

How do you feel about the current state of music in Atlanta right now?

Music alone it’s okay, but could be better in some ways. Business wise, pretty shitty. No other way to put it.

Why do you say that?

I like alot of the music coming out of the city. Just know it can’t be like that forever. Niggas aren’t really evolving. Business wise there are no real levels to it, so a lot of people do bad business and prey on less knowledgeable people for profit. Real crabs in a barrel mentality. Hella lame niggas that aren’t even on being Hollywood and exerting a bad form of exclusivity on the scene. I don’t think everyone needs to be buddy buddy and help everyone out, but I also don’t think you should make an effort to hold other people down (Something I see all the time).

Ok, I see what you mean, that happens a lot in local scenes. It’s sad to see forreal, but I gonna change gears a bit. I see you’re a wrestling fan. What’s your favorite wrestling related moments and when did you develop an interest?

Love wrestling. It’s like theater, but for sports. I got into wrestling around 6 during the attitude. My older brothers used to watch it when my mom went off to work at night, so I had no choice to watch it. Watched the cruiserweights on WCW Nitro and D’lo Brown wrestle Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Championship on WWE Raw and pretty much got hooked from then on. Favorite moments? Many of those. The Iron Man match between The Rock and Triple H in 2000, Benoit winning the World Title in 2004, Wrestlemania 27 cause I was there, Edge vs. Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22, Bayley Vs. Sasha Banks I, Ultimate X between AJ Styles, Chris Sabain, and Petey Williams. Watching Mike Awesome and Rhino beat people up on ECW on TNN. List goes on.

Benoit winning the title was a tearjerker frfr. You even went back to og ecw. It’s high risk theater, to say the least. Respect man, respect. Any upcoming projects / collaborations to lookout for?

Nah. I’m mostly working on being a better artist instead of massively releasing music. I probably won’t release anything new until next year. SUMTHIN 4 on September 8th at Mammal Gallery.

Growth & development, ok-ok. Lastly. Give me one accomplishment that you wish to speak into existence

To be able to make a comfortable living off of shit I like to do. Fuck that broke, but I’m happy to be here shit.