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Happy Friday! Recently we welcomed Chicago disc jockey DJ STAIN to our staff team, be sure to give the man a warm welcome after this rare exclusive we recieved from the man recently this week. Tonight we bring you a true Senclaire Magazine exclusive with good friends Mikey Hash and Xodus Medici. Tonight we premiere Mikey’s newest single NWO produced LastLaugh artist Xodus Medici who we recently featured last year with his debut project. Mikey and Xodus tag team together literally like NWO from the old days of wrestling, this new single is a perfect example of how the two different unique sounds and styles come together and bring something different. Like a literal New World Order. You can stream this new single below as well as follow Mikey Hash & Xodus Medici on Soundcloud, be sure to be on the lookout for more music and visuals from Mikey later in the year. We hope you enjoy!