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imageIt was a great time listening to this incredible debut project by Noname. I wanted to get in-depth with the mastermind behind it. I Had the pleasure of speaking  with one of the producers, meet Phoelix:

Well first off, I would like to say Thank you and Congratulations! also that I absolutely love the Project! I really wanted to get in-depth on the process of executing this great project.

 So for those who don’t know, (such as my self) Who is Phoelix? And how did he get started in music?
– I was born and raised in the Fox Valley area in Illinois. I am son to a pastor and singer/choir director. My dad play(ed) bass too. All of my uncles & most of my aunts sing and/or play an instrument, so I was kinda just born into music. There’s no reality or memory of music not being prevalent in my life. I produce, vocal arrange, write, sing, play piano/keyboards/organ, bass, drums, and I’m kinda learning guitar. lol AND I’m also starting to DJ 😉

– Thats awesome. Most of my favorite artist also grew up in churches which led to them creating their own music.

– Yeah Smino, actually played drums in church, and we click in a completely different way than other artists. Most of the musicians I play with now play in church. Church is definitely vital lol.

Do you have a personal favorite track on this album? 

– I think Shadow Man is the holy grail of all music right now. From my perspective, the making of that song was a beautiful and elevating experience in itself. We always say, “man I’m tryna have another ‘shadow man’ session!” From Cam’s incredible stories and depicting such a vivid image of this theme, Noname – per usual – was able to explain what she wanted the song to be within this theme. And everyone played their role to perfection. 

–  I absolutely love shadow man, everyone did an awesome job delivering their prospective of how their funerals would be. And That’s great to have a vision for a track and then execute it as well as it came out.

– I agree. We always relate Cam to a yoda figure. He is definitely a huge piece in creating and refining the vision of the album.

So what was your reaction to all the responses this album received?

– I’m not really used to getting a lot of attention (yet), so I was hella excited for my mentions to just be going crazy. lol but what made me really happy was seeing and hearing people say thank you for the work. People sending me emails just to tell me not to quit, that I’m inspiring people…that’s the stuff that resonates when you put your heart into something the way we did.

– Must’ve been a great feeling! I always feel when you put out great talent it’s gonna get recognized sooner or later. I honestly can’t wait to see your career unfold as well.

– It’s gonna be dope. I never really stress about when. I just wanna make sure I’m prepared when my name is called. Meeting Saba, Eryn Allen Kane, Noname, Smino, Ravyn, Monte, Cam, etc. wasn’t something that was planned. I quit my job 3 1/2 years ago. I wanted all that to happen then lol. But what I do is all I can control, so that’s what I focused on. It’ll all pay off soon.

What does Phoelix like to listen to these days?

 I actually just started listening to the Isaiah Rashad album. thats easily in my top 3 favorite projects this year…i listen to alot of Gretchen Parlato, always D’Angelo, always Ye…i’m slowly buying into the Young Thug movement…i’m DJ’ing now, so i listen to a lot of stuff…but in those moments of emotional necessity, those are my go-to’s.

Yeah, I Had a great time listening to Isaiah’s album. Was very cool to see one the co producers of Telefone (Cam O’bi) on there as well and yeah as an Upcoming DJ it’s always cool to step into other styles of music to build energy.

Cam is a legend. lol I’ve been trying to get into country music. I know its something I have to do EVENTUALLY….but…lol I guess i have to know what to listen to.

So whenever you play back this project do you sometimes feel that you could’ve did something a different way? Or did you already went through that emotion before you guys finalized it?

I always hear harmonies in my head, no matter what’s going on around me…it’s kind of like a fly in your ear sometimes though. There are always other options. I can’t imagine doing anything differently that would make this project more perfect than it is now.

-That’s Pretty cool, very solid project from start to finish.


 I’ve noticed that there’s a connection between all the contributing artists, how often do you work outside the ” friend zone?”

Less and less now. I’m very particular about time and where I invest my time and energy. Plus all my friends are always busy, so there’s pretty much always something to do, until my music is out, and i become rich and am on my own world tours.

 Yeah, I can dig that I love seeing artist work with people they’re comfortable with and that have a relationship outside of just music. Speaking of tours, which city felt more home to you?

– Well right now we’re in Boston. We haven’t really been many places YET, but I just have a new-found love for NYC. I would love to get a summer spot in like lower manhattan or Brooklyn & just cook all summer.

Can definately dig that! it was nice speaking with you Phoelix! Wish nothing but the best in your journey! won’t be long till you’re really out there!

Thank you so much again for this opportunity!

No problem 🙂

Be sure to follow-up with Phoelix as he continues to make great quality work 🙂

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