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Every now & then I stumble upon a woman, whose music makes me feel like I did before I lost my virginity. A hopeful, optimistic, naive, lanky, foolish lad. Back to when my outlook was pure, and wholesome; Kali Uchi, Abra, Kelela, Arima Eddera, and now, MAZ. I’m not gonna abuse anymore of your time with lengthy, unnecessary prefaces. Relax & take notes.

From what do you draw inspiration?
From life, my experiences the way I feel when I can’t sleep

What was your upbringing like, coming of age in Cleveland?
Moved around a lot and wasn’t really granted too much freedom so I spent most of my time inside creating. It’s funny cause I used to be so upset when I wasn’t allowed to go to parties and such but now I stay inside by choice and realize I wasn’t missing much anyway.

That’s usually how it goes . What was your introduction to music ?
My dad was producing when I was born so it’s really been a day one thing for me. I would beg my mom for all the Disney sing a long tapes. Perform in the living room at every holiday event w/ my family. It’s been the only consistent thing in my life since I was born.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
I love everything, and it typically depends on my mood or the season. James Blake the only one getting much rotation as of late but some of the artists that inspire my sound are Ron Isley, The Temptations, Mariah Carey, freaky 90’s r&b.

Your style is very polarizing, and versatile. What is your favorite song of yours?
Thank you. It’s not out yet but it’s called “Last Call” and you’ll get to hear it on Pale Moon next year. Best thing my ex ever brought out of me. Wrote it when I was falling out of love <3

Tell me more about Pale Moon.
A debutante ball I’m throwing for myself in the form of an EP. Incepted summer of 2015. Featuring production from Ethereal of Awful records, Caleb Stone & a dynamic duo from my city, GFMW/Believe.  Shooting to release it 1.27.17

What is your biggest personal accomplishment up to this point?
I haven’t even began to touch personal accomplishments yet so the fact that I’m still trying, would have to be the only one.

How’d you end up working with Ethereal?
I shot my shot online and when I was in Atlanta once we linked and he made me a beat. While I was back home working on it we decided to do some more.

What was the process behind making “bury me a freak”?
lol I wrote the verse and took it to the studio where I got very drunk off Carlos Rossi and improvised the rest 🙂

Describe your love life currently.
In love w/ myself, hardly any love making tho I’m too busy and only have feelings for someone that lives in another state

Do you have any regrets?
As cliche as it is to say no, I really don’t.

Any last words?
Nope, appreciate your time. Thank you for your curiosity.

You can keep up with MAZ and MAZ all related tings on http://www.tender.land/ and all social media platforms @tendertones. NSFW. PALE MOON JANUARY 27th. Creep responsibly.