“With a very diverse following he in my opinion, is next up.”

DJ Stain & Matty Wood$

Today we bring you all a recent gift for our resident DJ the one and only DJ Stain, and his surprise guest for this new installment of 48 Hours. This time Stain brings along his good friend the backwoods fanatic, Matty Wood$. This year as we brought Stain on the team he has mentioned to us the arrival of Matty Wood$ and how he would be an excellent piece to the missing puzzle of hard work in the current music scene. “Matty Wood$ is really one of a kind in his own lane. I would compare him to wiz but he has a completely different style while embodying the same driving force as a heavy smoker. With a very diverse following he in my opinion, is next up.” – DJ STAIN. Now before the summer comes around and you’re just getting put onto all of these new artists all at one time, we over at Senclaire Mag would like to lesser your dosage of new rap by giving it to you earlier than you normally would have. Today we present a 20 minute project of music by Matty hosted entirely by DJ Stain, 48 Hours. Below you can stream this short project as well as follow Matty on his Soundcloud and Twitter pages for more news on new releases, visuals, and etc. We hope you enjoy!