From the trenches of Houston, Texas we at Senclaire would like to introduce you to Lu Luciago. The young 23 year old who’s been on a reign of terror making sure everyone knows his name, and very soon you will. With his debut video dropping for his single “BOOMIN” Lu Luciago has entered the game with confidence, hard work, and the talent and skill of a someone with the dedication to become one of the greatest and change the world. We got the chance to speak with Lu on his plans for the future as well as who he is and what was it that made Lu who he is today. Below you’ll be able to see Lu’s debut video for “BOOMIN” before you get into the interview. Hope you all enjoy!

Who are you?

Lu: My Name is Lu Luciago I’m a Artist/ Director out of Houston Tx I’m 23 I’m was born in West palm beach .

What do you do?

Lu: I make music, I co producer, but lately I’ve been going the route of creative directing for my videos so I’ve been enjoying that a lot most def something I wanna keep doing now and future on, I enjoy being able to control my art for the fans.

How long have you been rapping?

Lu: Honestly I started rapping at 19 I never rapped as a kid I always watched my friends freestyle but I never joined in. But something I always enjoyed watching and hearing gave it a try and it Boomed. Going hard since then.

What was it like starting off when you were 19? How did you get hooked on it?

Lu: It was weird cause I was dam am I’m gonna be taking serious especially with the people around me since I haven’t been rapping that long. I just enjoy hearing my friends spit in free styles. Gave it try with a track and let my friends hear it and went off there hype

Who are you influences as far as music in general?

Lu: Influences in music to me are really producers not rappers, like Wondagurl / Key wane / Mike Dean / Eastbound . But if I had to chose artist that I enjoy and wanna work with Sean Leon, Tre capital, Martin $ky Mathaius Young, FullAutomaticDrayco. My everyday playlist. O fasho Kanye too, I enjoy the younger generation more these days tho.

How did you get into producing?

 Lu: Well I’m not a full producer yet, I’m sit beside homies I work with and take sounds I want put them in or out, I’m very picky when it comes to beats. If it doesn’t sound right I’ll scrap the whole beat. But it’s in the process of me becoming my own producer.

Do you plan to produce all of your beats in the future?

Lu: Naw, not all the time but I good 80% I still wanna work with future producers

Are you apart of a team or is everything solo dolo?

Lu: No I’m a solo artist as of now, now looking to sign just yet

How’s the independent life treating you?

Lu: Independent life is cool get it drop music when I want enjoying while I can before things jumps off

How did you get involved with creative directing?

Lu: I’ve been taking it strong for about year now, as a artist I always look to see what other artist use to Create videos or there vision. To me it’s really the best thing about being a artist. Give fans something to talk about

So in your 4 years of making music what have you learned from your experiences?

Lu: To remain Consistent, I wanna be a artist giving product all season weather it vids or a tape or major singles

Do you have anything we should be looking out for soon?

Lu: I’ll be dropping another video this month, Plus I plan on dropping a 2Eps this Year – Critical Damage / Crash the Globe

For those who are just getting to know you, what should they expect from your new releases?

Lu: My plan is just to create my own wave, I don’t do copy cats. So they can expect a bounce and all new sounds they haven’t heard this summer

Anything to say to the fans who’ll read this?

Lu: Just to know I’m here for the Fans – enjoy the music and let’s  do damage to every major city plus world wide

Be on the lookout for Critical Damage & Crash The Globe when they release, also be on the lookout for Lu’s videos that are to release soon too. To keep up with Lu’s music and news you can follow him on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube.