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Andrew himself

We back int he trenches with one of the most hardworking influential workers out right now. He’s put a movement on his back all by himself; not only dealing with shows, but even clothes, music, and as well as his taste in art and graphic design. It’s not often that we see someone who can work so many behind the scenes moves all on their own and still continue to get their work done, and it’s not often we see this in general. I got the chance to speak with one of the most hardworking people in the underground scene now. From Lost Appeal, meet Andrew the mastermind behind the entire platform itself. Andrew has helped give plenty of artists a place where they can be themselves and express their hard work and material the right way. Recently I interviewed Andrew on his origins and come up which you can read below. Inside the interview are some links to songs published by Lost Appeal as well as some photos from a recent Richmond, Virginia show. We hope you enjoy this new interview!

Who are you?

Andrew Lipscomb, I run/created the brand Lost Appeal.

How old are you?

Just turned 21, I feel like i’m 17 tho forreal.

Where are you from?

Raleigh, North Carolina. Richmond, VA is my true home though.

What is it that you do?

I make clothes, design, throw/book shows. Lost Appeal started out as an experimental harsh noise project tho. I started doing “creative” shit in like 4th grade making youtube videos/metal music.

How got you into making videos that young?

These famous ass YouTubers Rhett and link, they used to live in the same city as me pretty much. My old name was punk/metal dude.

How did that transfer into what you do now with Lost Appeal?

In like 2011 I was a freshman I think, I started a website that later developed into a label called Operation Grindcore. I put out a bunch of tape releases and shit with hella bands, best release I did was gripe “the future doesn’t need you”. Around this time I got really into experimental/noise music and started putting out releases under the name “Lost Appeal”, which is taken from a song by the band Iron Lung. a few years later I tried to start another label called laugh now records, but I kinda didn’t know what I was doing at the time so I only dropped 2 releases and then stopped. after I graduated I started doing a bunch of incriminating shit, and got a bunch of money saved up and started Lost Appeal.

Now is Lost Appeal anything like you thought it would be 5 years ago?

Hell nah, I had no clue I’d be fucking with rap music like this at all. I always saw myself just playing drums or making experimental music I didn’t even fuck with rap until SGP in like 2010-2011. What drew me to him was the dark imagery and lofi/weird ass music. And I was fucking wit OF right before they blew a lil, like earl’s first tape and the first Vince Staples tape and Danny Brown but thats about it. Shoutout Raider Klan.

So how would you describe what Lost Appeal is all these years later?

Its foremost a clothing brand, and then idk its kinda a loose label right now, really wanna expand on that in the next year. Most likely will change the name from lost appeal on the label tho, I’m not sure. Kinda wanna keep the clothing/shows separate Im looking to expand into cut and sew also And would like to get to the point where I design everything.

So how did you originally get into designing clothes?

First two releases I didn’t even design. I had no idea how to make graphics but i got tired of paying other people to make shit that I wasn’t completely satisfied with so I started learning myself. I still got a shit ton to learn.

When did you make that first step to learn it all on your own?

I went to school for design for a few months but I wasn’t feeling it so I quit lol. So I just started experimenting.

What inspiration did you have to continue on after you left school?

I’m bored as fuck all the time honestly if I’m not doing something creative/productive i just feel sad as fuck.

So what was Lost Appeal like starting off? How did you build to what it is now?

I dropped my first tee, the “cross” tee designed by one of my favorite tattooers, Rempe, on July 4th 2015. that same day, Key! had a show in Charlotte. Ended up giving him one and he wore that shit to like 3 shows. When I dropped the first 2 tees which were the “cross” tee and “death can try” tees, I honestly had no clue what I was doing and made 150 of each which is a ridiculous amount for a new brand lol. So basically I had a shit ton of tees I was sitting on. So I started going to hella shows/getting out of my comfort zone to try to sell the tees, and it really just kept building from there.

How does it feel to see how far you’ve come since then?

It’s cool man. I feel like i’ve accomplished a lot of shit, but I also feel like I haven’t done shit and that I’m old as fuck lol, even though I’m only 21. I’m just trying to continue to grow and learn. I don’t want to blow up fast as fuck or be put on by anyone. I want to just keep developing a loyal/cult fanbase I guess. I really just want longevity in this shit.

How do you propose to do that?

By keep putting out good products and not watering my shit down just to make money or take the easy way out. I’m honestly done with doing collaborations with rappers too there are a ton of brands doing that now and I don’t want to be only known for that or put into a specific category.

So what should we be expecting from Lost Appeal in the near future?

A bunch of shows and I’m gonna drop my first full collection in late March/April.

Is there anything you want to say to someone who would want to take a step into your world/field?

This shit way harder than it looks and takes a lot of money lmao And u gonna get shit on a lot at first. Make sure you’re shit is different/original. Don’t make clothes or do shows just for money or clout.

For more music and photos and many other visuals from Lost Appeal you can follow them on Soundcloud and Twitter! You can also visit their site for apparel and tickets for future shows!

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