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Lil Coupe & Senclaire, Interview

“Only competition I have is myself. I can make myself win or lose it’s up to me, I just gotta go hard.”

I had the pleasure of getting to talk for a bit with Lil Coupe, an artist just trying to make it big out of Texas. Some of you may know him from his songs “Jealousy” and “Ok Kool”. Lil Coupe experiments with playful beats that make you wanna dance and start trappin’ at the same time! Keep reading to find out more about him, his music and what he has planned for his fans for  the future!

*Newest Visual from Lil Coupe*

 Introduce yourself, who is Lil Coupe?

Lil Coupe: My names Lil Coupe I live in Texarkana, Texas, I’m part of 1500 Records a collective with producers, rappers, and artists.

How has your city shaped you as a person? Musically?

Lil Coupe: Nobody really makes it out my city with music, so it makes me work harder everyday to get my voice heard. Shit get kinda crazy out here, there ain’t much to do so people can’t get jobs like that. Everybody into drugs, robbing, killing, so I’m tryna get away from all that so I got into music to better myself. If I  record everyday I don’t have to feed into all the trouble like I used to.

I noticed most of your music videos are dark and kind of trippy, is that how you would describe your music?

Lil Coupe: I tell a lot of people i just make vibes. If you don’t feel it then you don’t feel it, if  you do you do. As for my for my videos I like the dark scenery so I choose to shoot my videos with not so much light so it may seem trippy.

All of your beats just put me in a good mood, how do you choose them?

Lil Coupe: A lot of producers just flood my emails with beats and I’ll listen to them, but when that one beat hits my ears I just know it’s going to be the one. I have a few producers I run to when I don’t have beats to choose from and usually get blessed with some heat 7/10 lol.

Are there any artists who have influenced you or you look at for inspiration?

Lil Coupe: I look up to Gucci Mane, Master P, Pimp C they inspired me the most and the old Lil Wayne. I listen to a lot of R&B music too. I opened my ears to other genres so I get inspiration from everywhere. I feel like being more open to things will make you a better creator, musician or just a better person.

Do you think your style of music is being overlooked by what’s popular right now?

Lil Coupe: Yeah I feel like it’s being overlooked. A lot of people just listen to what’s popular and don’t know how to be open to other things. If people say something’s the wave they gone stick to it until somebody else tell show them something different, that’s with anything though. If I tell you I got the best weed in town you gone try it, but if I don’t tell you then you gone stick to going to that nigga down the street cause his weed all you know!

*Music from Lil Coupe*

What’s the process of making a song like for you?

Lil Coupe: Usually I just load up the beat and think of something to put down 70% freestyle 30% writing. It could take me 20 minutes to make a song, it could take me 2 hours it’s really not much to it. 

What’s it like just being an underground artist? Do you ever get discouraged?

Lil Coupe: Yeah I get discouraged being an underground artist everyday. It has its ups and downs but I get a lot of love, that’s what keeps me up;  and I’m not a quitter so I’m sticking with it. Now, if I hit 30 and it doesn’t work imma stop cause imma be old as shit and my time would definitely be up.

Do you feel like you have any competition musically or are you on your own wave?

Lil Coupe: Only competition I have is myself. I can make myself win or lose it’s up to me, I just gotta go hard.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Lil Coupe: Hopefully on a stage or by a pool next to a mansion, thanking God I made it. 

Tell me a little bit about your new mixtape Dead or Alive, what kind of sounds can we expect?

Lil Coupe: Dead Or Alive is basically me finding out what fits me. I have good production on this tape, it’s better than all my other tapes I’ve created. I feel like I tried to stick around the vibes of my popular songs because I felt that’s what the people wanted most from me, so I did my best to give it to ‘em.

Any last words you want to say to your supporters?

Lil Coupe: ‘Preciate all the ones that been rockin’ with me, I couldn’t have done it without them or God. Be on the lookout for Dead Or Alive!

Below is a collection of some videos and projects released by Lil Coupe these past few months. You can stream them all until your heart gives out. Be sure to give Lil Coupe a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up with updates on new music and visuals. Be sure to lookout for Dead Or Alive coming soon!