Huh? What do you mean you didn’t know we had artists on the staff team? Are you serious? You remember Lärs don’t you? We’ve featured the cryptic fat rap spitting artists 10 times over even before he became staff. You know we had to show love to one of our own. Especially when we have such a dynamic, diverse artist around us. Today I would like to personally present to you Lärs and his newest EP “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY.”

Before I even begin to explain this new project to you all, I want to start off by saying I miss music like this. I miss the “whatever comes with good music” vibe that we used to have before 2o15; before all these catchy cadences and 123 rhyme formulas erupted it was a period of the underground where bars didn’t matter as much, but the skill of actually making good music, whether it was goth trap or conscious lofi, was put the test by some of the most slept on lyricists.

With production from Revenxnt, GRIMM Doza, Ra$$$had, JonesThaSoulful, MartyrMusic, Duitilleul, and Travis Xantana, Lärs created that eerie and gritty, yet comforting and laid back sound that’s seemed to be frowned upon. Songs like Larceny and Chancletas make me feel like I’m back in the introduction days of Bandcamp where every link I clicked I was walking into a new world of music.

When I listen to Lär’s music I feel like I’m being pulled back into that time. Lär’s wordplay and story telling technique is unmatched and only complimented with features from other rappers such as Ledwan, MartyrMusic, & Michael Chauncey. In my opinion Lärs is in a very rare form and seems to be evolving with every step he takes. In order for you to see the pure final form you’re gonna wanna stick around for what it seems to be long, prosperous journey.

For more news and music from Lärs you can follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up to date on releases and visuals and etc. Be sure to look out for more material from Lärs towards the end of the year. Hope you enjoy!!