Kuria Soul & Sencaire, Interview.

Kuria Soul, (ku-ree-ah) a passionate creative well versed in photography and graphic design. The artist’s style of photography adds a chic take to modern street photography. All the bells and whistles set it apart from contemporaries. When asked to identify the source of motivation, the artist states that art alone is an outlet, it is happiness that just creating with the opportunity to connect and build with others is a reward in and of itself.

Kuria Soul

Is the Bay Area a very creative place? Is it easy to find photographers or graphic artists? The Bay Area is full of creatives, of all different mediums. There’s definitely photographers and graphic designers everywhere, and they aren’t hard to find. It’s all about how you network.

How do you network? Is there a way to set yourself apart? Personally, I find the best way to network is just staying on a constant grind. Constantly working, putting it out, letting people gravitate towards me. That’s how I separate who really supports my work and who doesn’t. You have to find your own creative road and just stick to it. Do what you feel is right. That’s what sets you apart.

Do you ever get discouraged? I mean that, sometimes as creatives, inspiration seems to evaporate or float instead of rising. Have you experienced this? How do you combat it? All the time actually. I recently just got over a period where I felt that way. I feel like as creatives, we’re always trying to do just that, create. We forget that it’s okay to step back, reflect, and find different things that inspire us. I always create in a room, by myself, so when I feel less inspired, I have to go out and spend time with friends for a while, sometimes days at a time.

When did you first notice you had a knack for photography? As a kid I knew I liked taking photos, more than I liked being in them. But around my Sophomore year of high school, I realized I had a love for taking photos. The composition, editing, reflecting, everything about it, genuinely made me happy.

Did you quickly make an investment? No, I actually didn’t get my first DSLR until my senior year. Before that I was just using an iPhone 5s.

I read once that all a true photographer needs is a camera, any kind. It’s cool to know you started with just an iPhone. Now do you have a preference? A DSLR, definitely. iPhone cameras are still great, and the newer ones can give you DSLR-like quality, but when it really comes to down to it, I know my Canon would give me the results I need when I use it.

What’s your favorite time of day to shoot? The evening. I love shooting when the sun is coming down, and everything has a deep silhouette.

How does photography differ from graphic design & which do you think takes more skill? Photography, for me, takes a lot more on the spot productivity. You have to be ready, and able to take a photo when you’re in the field, because if you miss a cool moment, then that’s it, it’s gone. With graphic design, there’s always that small reassurance that if you mess up, you can undo it, or you can save the file and come back later. But, I feel you have to be a lot more creatively driven, as well as independent, to work in that field. If your work constantly looks the same, or exactly like someone else’s, it’s easy to be overlooked.

So what’s the incentive for either craft? What factor allows you to keep pursuing the path? Art is the only thing I’ve ever felt happy doing. I was taught, when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Photography, has never felt like a job. Graphic Design has never felt like a job. They’ve both become outlets for me to connect with others, and that’s all I want to do, is connect, and build, even if it’s just with one person.

You don’t want to sell your work? Selling my work it a goal, of course. But a lot of my pieces come from a very personal place, and I don’t know if I’m ready to give those parts of me as a person, to people who only see me as an artist. It’s a process, that I plan to overcome by the end of this year.

What other goals do you have in mind this year? I really want to make my presence known in the creative community of social media, especially on Twitter. I see the way everyone interacts, and builds off of each other, and it’s definitely something I want to contribute to. Right now though, I’m just creating. Taking whatever the universe throws my way.